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Trump is better than Obama
in Politics

By IshaanKhalapIshaanKhalap 13 Pts
Trump is a better president than Obama. Not talking about personal life here, but actual politics. Obama wasted 8 years of our time, with almost nothing to show for it. And please don’t start throwing around accusations of being racist and white privilege and everything, because I’m actually not white. 
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  • ZeusAres42ZeusAres42 191 Pts
    Personal preference I guess. I haven't really looked into this that much.  What I do know is that a lot of people including myself tend to think of Trump as an idiot. However, whatever one thinks of a president is irrelevant to the validity of what policies they've prescribed and/or other things they've said. I don't have enough data in front of me to determine who is better, however. As with all presidents, there are bound to be advantages as well as disadvantages I would think. Sorry, if that is not enough but that is my 2 cense.
    "never show someone your entire hand too soon" - Famous Proverb/Idiom.

  • TKDBTKDB 158 Pts
    Each President, is responsible for the country as a whole.

    And each President's legacy, via their time in the Oval Office, is going to speak for itself.

    Their individual political philosophies, are a barometer for how they affected the country. 

    And the individual actions, of the rest of the political representatives, outside of the Oval Office, via their individual political philosophies, and how they as well, affect the rest of the country, is it's own barometer. 

    That's how I view the Presidency.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 1653 Pts
    edited May 31
    Obama, in my view, is one of the worst presidents in the US history. He is a good illustration of the fact that simply being extremely intelligent and well-meaning does not necessarily translate into making reasonable political decisions. The US has been descending into statism for over a century now, and I can think of 4 presidents who contributed to it the most: Wilson, Roosevelt, W Bush and Obama. Although it all really started with Lincoln. Regardless, I am glad to have no more statist policies and naive international peacemaking being pushed by the most important person in the world which is the president of the US.

    Trump is slightly below average overall. His trade and immigration policies are bizarre, but he seems to be slowly learning his way around, and, for example, the proposed skilled immigration system he is pushing through is something the US has needed for a very long time. When he was elected, I thought his presidency would be a total disaster and he would not last for more than 1-2 years before being impeached for incompetence - but in actuality he turned out to listen to his more experienced advisors. He is also an active doer: when he wants something done, he does not talk about it for ages and, instead, just goes for it. His accomplishments with regards to diplomatic relations with North Korea and opposition to Iran and Cuba is a welcome change from the previous president who bowed to their leaders. He also switched his stance on Russia quickly, once he realised that Putin is not a very trustworthy business partner.
    If he realises that his trade policies are harming the economy and reverses them before the end of his term, then I will change my assessment of him from "slightly below average" to "average". The tariffs are a bummer, and not something I expected to see in the leading economy in the world in the 21st century; I would think that an experienced businessman would understand how trade works. Maybe he does and just panders to his voter base. Or maybe he is after his self-interest, as the tariffs give his businesses a temporary local edge.

    In terms of their personas, Obama is a pleasant eloquent intelligent knowledgeable guy, while Trump is an attention-seeking bully. But, again, in politics personal traits are not nearly as important as what the person is going to do with them.
  • Why not ask what is better: Vanilla ice cream or Chocolate ice cream?

    Are there any objective standards on which to evaluate the "quality" of any president?  I don't think so... Answers will always correspond to political philosophy...

    As a human being though, Obama is definitively the better man...
    " Adversus absurdum, contumaciter ac ridens! "
  • Avi12750Avi12750 8 Pts
    edited June 9
    Your first point is that Obama wasted 8 years of our time. However, I have to disagree with you. First off, he gave members of the LGBTQIA community the right to get married, he changed the stereotype of only old white men getting elected which made our country look better, he cut the unemployment rate in half, and he ended the war in Iraq. He ordered for the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden which Republicans can agree is a good thing, he saved the U.s auto industry, dropped the veteran homeless rate by 50%, and signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to combat pay discrimination against women. (Source: Tod Perry, The Daily Good)

    If you think that these things are a waste of time then you should seriously rethink your beliefs.

    Donald Trump has been president for three years already, and he is a COMPLETE IDIOT. He decided that instead of spending money on entitlement programs we should spend money on a wall to keep Mexicans out that wont even help. He is a spoiled rich kid who grew up on daddy's money and says that he is "self-made".

    Remember these are just my opinions on the presidents so don't get offended. I have no clue who you are and nothing against you personally.
  • Avi12750Avi12750 8 Pts
    edited June 9

  • SharkySharky 34 Pts
    It's unfortunate that so many Americans base their support or opposition to the President strictly on their party affiliation or on their perception of the President's personal likability. I understand why so many people don't like Donald Trump personally and why so many liked Barack Obama; a lot of it is a construct of the media. When you consider the incessant barrage of negativity concerning Trump from the leftist-biased media and the fawning sycophancy that they've heaped on Obama to this day, it's a wonder that Trump has any support at all. So why does he? 

    By almost any objective measure, the country is doing better now than at any time under Obama. Economic data is nearly universally better. Our enemies know that they are no longer dealing with a President who will kowtow to them, apologize for our country or back down from a situation where we are being manipulated or cheated. The American people have been begging for decades for Congress to address and fix many long-term problems that have done irreparable harm to the country and to no avail. Immigration, education, energy, foreign policy and trade policy come immediately to mind as issues that have devolved and festered in dysfunction and failure for many, many years. Past Presidents tolerated and even went along with this inaction and tolerance of the status quo. Trump does not. 

    To people who chose to remain uninformed, Obama seemed like a nice, personable, intelligent guy who had the potential to bring the country together thanks in large part to his mixed-race ancestry. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Anyone who did even a cursory amount of research on the man's background would soon discover that Obama carefully hid his true self from the public. He was born to, raised by and indoctrinated by devoted Marxists. He embraced all of their discredited teachings throughout his education. He was instilled with a resentment of his "mother's race" as he attested to in one of his books, a position that would have been condemned as viciously racist if directed at his father's race. Obama became an enthusiastic disciple of Saul Alinsky, the socialist Chicago community organizer and rabble rouser who wrote the leftist handbook, Rules for Radicals. Obama's pre-election promise to "fundamentally transform" the United States was telling. The man never had the interests of the country or its people in mind. He had the interests of the globalist left close to his heart. Obama was, and is, a wolf in sheep's clothing. One need only look at his weaponization of the Justice Department and the IRS to attack his political enemies and his promise to Dmitri Medvedev to be "more flexible" with Vladimir Putin once he was re-elected. The way in which he ushered in hundreds of thousands of unvetted Muslim refugees to the US and distributed them throughout the American heartland while ignoring the persecuted Christian minority in the Middle East who were being subject to virtual genocide tells a lot about the man's values and his vision for the future of our country.

    You don't have to like Donald Trump personally in order to see that he is an infinitely better President than Obama could ever have hoped to be. Trump loves the country. Obama, despite half-hearted attempts to show otherwise, never did.  
  • AlofRIAlofRI 206 Pts
    Avi12750 mentioned some of the good things Obama did. I would add to it that he held our allies, laws and security institutions in high esteem, unlike Trump who is destroying all relationships, internal and external, that don't include murderous dictators. 

    Obama WOULD have achieved much more if not for the "do nothing Congress" of Mitch McConnell, and the infamous, un-American, meeting of conservative traitors who agreed to "make him fail", make him a "one term President". With support like that, Jesus Christ could get little done!

    Since then, THIS "Commander-in-Cheat" has endeavored to tear down everything good Obama was able to do. The current occupier of the Waste House has also endeavored to destroy ALL of our national security organizations, spread distrust throughout the country, spread distrust throughout our allies, insulted every head of state that hasn't killed someone lately, and cuddled up with every deadly authoritarian dictator on Earth … with the exception of the Venezuelan upstart and Castro. He has tried to destroy every environmental advance the world has made in the last few years, every trade relationship we've had, given himself and his wealthy friends a HUGE boost in financial holdings …. while "Indian-giving" a pittance to the working people … which is gone, for the most part. Putin has killed, Kim has killed, MBS has killed, all with the benefit of Trumps "Nobody really knows" (and I don't want to), blessing.
    Putin is getting braver, trying to goad our planes and ships into an "international incident", he's being "allowed" to attack our elections with NOTHING being done about it. He's WON in Syria (we lost), He's moving into Venezuela, into the Arctic, and making nice with the Philippine dictator … literally surrounding U.S.! Trump has pulled out of every working truce or agreement that wasn't working … in HIS mind, only. He holds the record (one that will likely never be broken) for political (and personal) lies. (10,000 and counting.....)! He has convinced much of the country that we have more "mental health problems than any other country on Earth" ('cause they result in so many deaths"). 

    An example of Cadet Bone-Spurs  "accomplishments" up to a year or so ago, when the Executive Orders numbered only 39: Fewer than half actually made a change in Federal Policy. 16 told agencies to "study the problem or recommendation". The agency could/would do that anyway. 2 were rejected by the courts (on migrants). One was rescinded (hiring) because it was causing too much backlash at VA hospitals and SS offices. Another was negated by another that took Bannon off the NSC Panel. That leaves 12 that succeeded, most of which involved environmental policies by Obama. (Those helped polluting corporations … wonderful! (And hurt the American people)!

    I could go on, but, gotta take a shower, I feel dirty just thinking about what's happening. It's hard to believe that some on this page compare Herr Gropenfuhrer "favorably" to Obama, even superior! He has given Evangelicals a new mantra: Blessed are the philanderers, for they shall be overlooked.

    No. We do not have a superior leader in the Shite House. He has a NEW way to MAGA, it's spelled Russia.
  • CYDdhartaCYDdharta 1076 Pts
    The best thing 0bama did while in office was to weaken his party to a degree it hasn't seen since the 30s.  He caused them to lose the House, the Senate, and ultimately SCOTUS and the presidency.  Over 1000 seats were lost by his party during his tenure nation-wide.
  • SharkySharky 34 Pts

    Isn't it odd how a President who is said to be SO bad by so many leftists can be presiding over a country that is SO rapidly rising out of the ashes of the Obama embarrassment? Our economy is booming. Anyone who wants to work has multiple opportunities to choose from and because the competition for labor is so fierce, wages are finally rising for the working class. GDP growth continues to double that of the Obama years. Trillions of dollars stashed overseas by American corporations keeps pouring back into the country thanks to tax reform. Long-standing problems that have festered and been ignored in DC are finally being addressed directly. Our enemies instinctively know that we are no longer the pantywaist laughingstock that we were under Obama. The days of foreign adversaries ripping off the American taxpayer are effectively over. The feeling of confidence and pride in this country is palpable now. Under Obama, the feeling was despair and embarrassment. 

    Never has there been a liar the caliber of Obama in the White House. The American public doesn't even know the guy's true biography because of the MSM being completely in the tank for the liar. The fact that the MSM refused to do their job by exposing him and his true history doesn't diminish the scope and magnitude of the lies he foisted on us. We are still suffering the effects of his duplicity and his traitorous behavior. Fortunately, it won't be for long thanks to Trump' tireless efforts to reverse all of Obama's colossal damage. What is sad is that there were so many Americans so intellectually lazy, gullible and feckless that they bought into all of the lies of Obama and elected him President. His re-election is easily one of the lowest points in American history. 
  • AlofRIAlofRI 206 Pts
    @Sharky The only place the economy is booming is on Wall Street. The GDP is NOT doubling, it's up and down and it was as high or higher twice during Obama. Our "enemies" (I'm not sure who they are anymore, OR our friends), but, Trump has done NO damage to "the enemy". He meets with them behind closed doors with no witnesses, "punishes" them with sanctions that are never enforced (except against Iran where he wants to go to war).

    "The feeling of confidence and pride in this country is palpable now." Wow, that may be the most misinformed statement I've heard since HIS last speech. The debt is historical … maybe even hysterical … people are worried about health care, their mortgages, the price of meds and food, their National Parks, their water, their air, their kids education … their kids chance at a decent life.

    A "good economy" is when one job would support a household, pay a mortgage, educate the kids, put some money in the bank for emergencies and retirement, not worry about an illness causing bankruptcy, a vacation now and then. Some have that, but it's a minority. Kids are living at home making minimum wage, helping to pay the mortgage, rents are SKY HIGH. The infrastructure is deteriorating, we are being left behind by China and others in the "new technologies". Some "stolen" from U.S., most SOLD to them by greedy capitalists looking for a quick profit. The foreign money brought back was used to by back stocks and update technology in plants (read robots), inflating stock values and not to create jobs. Take away the second jobs many are working or those who HAVE to work MORE to make ends meet, and unemployment would be higher. Obama created hundreds of thousands more jobs, and raised the value of the Stock Market MORE than Trump has, all you have to do is look at the records. You won't find them on conservative news. You CAN NOT deny the lies, the disgrace around the world. The U.S. cannot be trusted … unless you are an authoritarian government. We are closer to war now than we were all during the Obama (respectable) Presidency. Let's see … how many of the "finest people" have left this administration in disgrace? (Or just got the hell out of Dodge)?

    " Long standing problems that have festered and been ignored in DC are finally being addressed directly." O.K., I'll give you that …. the swamp has been dredged deeper, and it's supporting more and MUCH larger predators than ever before. MAGA.

    Obama was the only President since Ike elected TWICE by over 50% of the vote. Trump has been elected once by a shortage of 3,000,000 votes, and a LOT of people taking electronic propaganda seriously … and foolishly. THAT'S a legacy that Trump cannot take away. That, and Obama did NOT destroy our Constitution … daily ... or dangle pardons over criminals to keep their mouths shut.
  • ethang5ethang5 117 Pts
    >Are there any objective standards on which to evaluate the "quality" of any president?


    Really? Really?
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