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The best online Debate website - DebateIsland.com! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

What Drives Your Beliefs?
in Politics

By SharkySharky 101 Pts
Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Socialist, Communist, Anarchist- it doesn't seem to matter how people classify themselves, the fact remains that many peoples' political loyalties appear to be very strong to the point of being unbreakable. How would you classify yourself politically? Are you loyal to a political party? Explain in the most concise manner possible why you align the way you do. Have you ever switched loyalties? What caused you to do that? 
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  • George_HorseGeorge_Horse 438 Pts
    Winning Argument ✓
    Various research, experiences, and influential personalities. Joseph McCarthy, Ronald Reagan, and current figures such as Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Paul Watson, along with many others. I'm not a "fascist" or a "Nazi" for listening to any of these great individuals, they've simply aided in furthering my confidence in my conservatism. When I was younger, I considered myself to be a libertarian, but after 2015, into 2016, I changed into a conservative and grew stronger with my stance in 2017. Just to see the way liberals and the communists, along with the socialists, the absurd ideas they support, and the way they have behaved towards others, drives me to stay conservative. I don't think I'll ever change being a conservative, its like the name is tattooed to my brain. 
  • TKDBTKDB 605 Pts
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    Independent beliefs that are pro family, (adoption, pro unborn baby,) and pro public, and peaceful religious beliefs, that aren't harming anyone.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3250 Pts
    Winning Argument ✓
    I am anarcho-capitalist, because I deeply believe in voluntarism. It states that the most virtuous behaviour is the one that respects people's desires and does not try to coerce them into accepting yours. Basically, do not force anyone into anything, unless they force something on you first.

    Unrestricted free market capitalism is the only system satisfying this notion perfectly. Any other system necessarily involves some form of coercion, be it coming from other individuals, from collectives or from the rulers.

    There are no parties or even prominent politicians in the US even remotely following this ideology. However, there are / have been quite a few prominent people exhibiting distantly similar views, the most notable ones being Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman. Friedman followed Chicago school of economics, which is quite a bit more statist than the Austrian school, but even the Chicago school is ultra-anarchist compared to the system we have in place now, and especially to the systems the current Democratic runners advocate for.
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    These are the ideologies I associate with, in order of ones with which I most associate first, to ones I associate with but not as much, listed last:
    1) Geolibertarianism
    2) Libertarian Municipalism
    3) Economic Democracy
    4) Market socialism and mutualism(probably tied)
    5) Classical liberalism (John Stuart Mill is the classical liberal I consider somewhat similar to me, but since this ideology is usually seen as right-wing, I only loosely associate with it, even though Mill was definitely a classical liberal that was quite left-wing)

    I'm not loyal to any political party; I'm registered as an independent in the US.

    I hold these beliefs primarily due to my values. I think these ideologies most closely align with my values listed below(not in any particular order though)

    A. Freedom/liberty
    B. Justice/fairness
    C. Equality
    D. Skepticism

    Yes, I've changed my political views before. I've not changed my values, listed above, but my political views have since I've changed my opinions in the past about what ideologies best match with my values. 

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  • @George_Horse

    It sounds like we may have had similar experiences at different times in history. I grew up in a family made up mostly of FDR/JFK-style Democrats and as a child, I believed that that only Democrats knew what was best for the country. I hated Richard Nixon even though I knew little about him and understood even less. Even in the '60's and '70's, the Democrats were using their Alinskyite tactics to demonize good men like Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. The "Us vs. Them", root-for-your-team mentality of Americans when it comes to politics allows people to overlook even the most egregious misdeeds of the most corrupt politicians. 

    As a college student in 1980, I watched as the United States was humiliated and shamed by the Iran hostage crisis. As the Presidential campaign went on, I watched the Carter-Reagan debates and began to see things very differently than I had as a child. I liked Reagan. I liked his optimism, his patriotism and his faith in America and its people. The contrast between him and Carter could hardly have been more stark. After his victory, I watched as the Ayatollah feverishly hustled the hostages out of his country on Inauguration Day, not wanting to test the new President. I then watched in wonder as Reagan's policies took hold and turned around a country that had been in a dark place for too long. The '80's were a great time in America. The election of Ronald Reagan taught me the truth about conservatism and liberalism and why one works and one doesn't. I have never looked back.

    Barack Obama came on the national stage in a way that was similar to the way Carter did. The country had been through a traumatic time and restless liberals jumped on the opportunity to install someone they thought would deliver a "fundamental transformation". Unfortunately for the country, they were incompetent at best and one of them was anti-American at worst. The contrast between Carter and Reagan reminds me very much of the contrast between Obama and Trump. Both times, the country turned around on a dime and the stark differences between liberal and conservative policies were highlighted. Say what you will about Trump's temperament and his acting "un-Presidential"; the way I see it, if the price of "acting Presidential" is to suffer through an abomination like the Obama Presidency, I'll take "un-Presidential" 100% of the time.   
  • The love of Jesus.
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