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Domestic terrorism is a bigger threat to the US than foreign terrorism!
in Politics

By piloteerpiloteer 523 Pts
More acts of terrorism in the US are domestic terrorist attacks than rather than foreign terrorist attacks. 

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  • The same actually goes for the UK. Most of the known terrorists in the UK are actually citizens that were born and studied in the UK.

    Veni Vidi Vici

  • I believe that both are equally as dangerous and disruptive to the public.
  • piloteerpiloteer 523 Pts
    edited July 2019

    I wonder if the same may actually be true for all countries that experience terrorism.
  • @all4actt

    All terrorism is disruptive to the publics well being, and I'm not trying to minimize the impact of foreign terrorism, I'm just pointing out that many people are more worried about terrorism that comes from abroad, but have no idea that domestic terrorism is more dangerous. There is no federal law against domestic terrorism, which makes it more difficult to convict domestic terrorists, which in turn, makes it more difficult to imprison suspected domestic terrorists and stop them from committing terrorist crimes in the future. The FBI is having trouble getting the proper convictions for domestic terrorists, which causes dangerous people to serve minimal sentences for crimes that foreign terrorists will spend the rest of their behind bars for.
  • There is a law that the feds can use to convict domestic terrorism but it is called the Material Support Law and has been used in Domestic Terrorissim case before.  Unfortunately the law is missing a lot of offenses carried out by Domestic Terrorist. 

    The Material Support Law needs to be expaned on or more Federal laws need to be created to cover additional offenses.

    Most convictions of Domestic Terrorism rely on a mixture of Fedral laws and State laws.

    I do agree  that there are more act of Domestic Terrorism and they are more frequently carried out than those of foreign origin.  Part of that has to do with the lack of laws specifically targeting Domestic Terrorism virtually tying the hands, in some cases, of the FBI.
  • edited July 2019
    Hence why I say the military isn't actually protecting us, except the Coast and National guards, but I don't think we even use them for domestic terrorism when we should be. Maybe we do, I've just not heard of such a case.

    But yeah, if I were president I'd demand the cutting of the military spending by half at least and dismantle the army and marines(since they're literally only used for invasion by definition. In my view the military should only be used for defense, period). And put the air force and navy on stand-by until we actually are invaded, or know of an impending invasion in which case we get them in position to intercept the enemy. Then I would probably put more resources to the coast and national guards. The "wait-until-they-invade-us" strategy has worked every single time in our history, meanwhile pre-emptive invasions have always ended in failure. Hence I don't see a need for marines or the army, since they are exclusively used for invading and killing people we have no business killing(aka murder). In the event of being invaded and we need to send troops to the other nation to end the war, that's where I'd convert the national and coast guards into a temporary army and marines, and only during defensive wars. Then we'd get more people to join the national and coast guards, and continually switch them into the temporary army and marines when necessary.
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  • I would say domestic terrorist attacks are foreighn isurgents.

    I reject Islam they worship evil.

    Jesus the Christ is Lord.
  • @jesusisGod777

    Ok. Thanx for sharing, but you didn't have to take time away from your meth lab to post here. We don't wanna bother you!!
  • Domestic Terrorist acts are sabotage made against the United State Constitution. They are not really the same things sabotage, espionage, and terrorism. Terrorism is the simpler act of spreading fear with violence. Sabotage and espionage are aggressive actions against the forming of a union of basic principle and legal precedent in generally or in a court of law. Hurting someone for pointing out the crime of perjury for electing to vote for a woman president is discrimination is Terrorism. Knowing a perjury is taking an not giving common defense is espionage, possibly international espionage.
  • TKDBTKDB 400 Pts
    All Terrorism, is a threat.
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