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The best online Debate website - DebateIsland.com! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

What if you were God?
in Religion

By ZeusAres42ZeusAres42 1021 Pts
Imagine you were God. What would you do? What would you change? What would be different? What would be moral or immoral? I will elaborate more on what I would do soon enough. But for now, I am interested in your views. 

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  • All are sinners and worthy of hellfire. No I won't imagine I was God. Jesus is God and that's amazing.
  • Wouldn't change much really, there's no point to existence anyhow, even as god, and I would get bored eventually, eternity will do that you know... So I would wink myself out of existence.

    But I think I would at least make disingenuousness and dishonesty, physically painful, like stone grinding your teeth to the nerves kind of pain...  
    " Adversus absurdum, contumaciter ac ridens! "
  • TKDBTKDB 397 Pts
    edited August 2019

    If I were God, I'd want human beings to stop being bad to each other. 

    And I would wonder why human beings do what they do to each other, day after day, so that others, can go about blaming me, for what others have done via their own self caused harms and misdeeds?

  • I'd try to be more like the mythical son than the mythical father. The father was a genocidal egotist that killed "first born", turned women to stone, destroyed cities and (everyone but a boatful) in the world. When he lost control of his first "creations" he got angry and made sinners of everyone thereafter! If he were here today he'd likely be Chief White House Advisor! 
    Yep, I'd try to be more like the son, but, I'd show up at least once a year at the "company party", give a speech as to how I needed the company to run, see that everyone had health insurance and that the rich knew they couldn't go to heaven unless they used a (significant) portion of their wealth to be somewhat LIKE the "boss" … i.e. help feed the poor, heal the sick, maybe see that they had education and something to look forward to. I think you'd like me as "god". I'm sure you could come up with a better list of "morals" than I could, after a time. I'd give you the freedom to do that.

    (Oh, I WOULD put a ban on assault weapons ;-). (Sorry).
  • I would not make a good God. I would create a world for myself in which I would feel comfortable living, and then just demote myself to a simple one of its resident with no memories of my former godhood. I am just that egocentric.
  • How to imagine what it's like to be the Almighty God. Worse yet is a thought to improve as if to pass judgment order no better? That be like a single celled organism thinking from his one cell existence as Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein and Nikola Tesla etc. all rolled into one. Everything has its place, all is as it should be, the end.
  • I wouldn't change anything. I used to think there were parts of the structure of reality (e.g. the existence of suffering) that, if changed, would make the universe a better place to live. As I grew older and wiser, I learned that I was wrong about these things; that without them the universe would in fact be worse.
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