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Does the Bible say life begins at birth?
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  • ZeusAres42ZeusAres42 1021 Pts
    edited August 2019
    No, the Bible says life began with God creating life.

  • I don't see any argument against the fact that life begins at conception. Up until week 8 there is no brain activity, however.
  • The Christian Bible says many things. The Qur'an says many things. The Satanic Bible says many things (I would think). Some people follow one, some follow another. There is little proven fact in any of them other than historical fact that can be verified. 
    I believe "living" starts when one takes his/hers/its life giving breath. Life is a thing we live. Being supported electro-mechanically or by another's body is not a life, it's an existence by artificial or outside means. When I started to breath, MY life began, when I stop my life will end, as will everybody else's. 
    That's just my opinion given the "facts" I can believe. I just wish others would live by their own "facts" and cease forcing those who believe differently to "live" by theirs …. OR the written, but unproven "facts" of any unproven document. Live and let die, peacefully.
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