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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Does aid to Africa do more harm than good?
in Philosophy

By DeeDee 1326 Pts
Some say yes, calling foreign aid a form of neo-colonialism that does not alleviate poverty, but in fact perpetuates it.

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  • The way it's being carried out now, yes. While people may have good intentions with it, sending them supplies, food, and tech and stuff does very little good. It doesn't teach them to be self-reliant and learn how to do this stuff on their own, and second, a lot of crime lords and governments over there will often just seize it anyways.

    The two best ways we can help them are as follows:
    1) Teach them how to rebel against their current tyrannical governments
    2) Teach them how to create modern technology and agriculture.

    What we're doing now is essentially just causing the ones in power to be wealthier since they just seize anything we send them. Giving the people knowledge, however, cannot be seized.
    "Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal."
    -Albert Camus, Notebook IV
  • Sending "humanitarian" aid to Africa and to other areas of the Third World that have demonstrated an inability to provide for themselves or to progress as civilizations is tantamount to throwing 50-lb. bags of Purina Cat Chow into feral cat colonies every day. If that sounds harsh it's because it is harsh. The populations may not starve if the people in power actually allow them to have the aid but the problem will only be compounded in the long run as the population grows out of control. Enabling the creation of exponentially more people who are totally dependent on charity and handouts is never a solution. We recognize this with animals but when it comes to people, we recoil in horror when the same exact conclusion is reached. Why? The problem should be addressed in this order: 1) Population control, 2) Food production, 3) Education, and 4) the overhaul and reform of civil society. 
  • Charity does have the inherent issue that it dis-incentivises people from learning to be self-reliant. Dependency on someone or something, while able to increase one's productivity, also creates a problem in that the one loses the ability to control their own future - and once the entity they depend on is taken away, their entire world crumbles.

    That said, certain forms of charity are much more likely to lead to the positive outcome, than others. Recall the saying: "If you want to feed a man for a day, give him fish. If you want to feed a man for a lifetime, give him a fishing pole".

    Bill Gates chooses the right approach here: he founds and funds African schools, hospitals and cheap IT technology. He invests in human capital, so, instead of consuming, people learn to produce. Then those people will take positions in the African governments and push them towards reformation, based on the knowledge they have acquired. The former colonies can follow the footsteps of developed nation and, eventually, themselves become developed.
  • If WE don't do it China will … and IS! 
    In the end THAT WILL do U.S. harm! Russia used that tactic with Cuba and a few other places. It's dangerous for those countries to be allowed to get a foothold, get the necessary natural resources that WE also need … just because they were nice enough to give help where help was needed. International kindness can be an investment with a massive return in the end. THEY know it! We used to, in the years BT.
  • mamomamo 2 Pts
    edited September 2019
    In my opinion, I believe that we should set up more trade deals with African countries rather than just giving them money. I believe this because it will help their economy in the long run as African countries will learn how to run businesses and increase their GDP (which is better than just relying on places like the UK or US because they need to learn to be independent).
  • People jn Africa require lots of need and care. Lots of children are dying and need to walk 5 miles to a water source, get a bucket of dirty water and come back every day. If you were a child is this how you would spend your childhood? Schools do not have much resources and that results in worse education. Whereas in the UK most people have a tap in home to get water and lots of schools have resources to teach and give students strong basics in maths and english.

    As an adult you live in a village and want a job. You go to the city to get a home and job but you end up living in a shanty town, taps with poor conditions and dirty water. Roads nearby are slums full of dirt. Lots of insects and cobwebs. You can sometimes end up leaving your home as their are such negative hygiene qualities which can cause diseases.
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