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The tree
in Religion

By maxxmaxx 180 Pts
In revelations what is the tree of life?

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  • I think the tree of life is consciously waking up to reality
  • The tree of eternal life (CHRISTIANITYS not religion)
    Is a tree which produces fruit that when eaten a person shall live for all eternity.

    22  And the LORD H3068 God H430said H559, Behold H2005, the manH120 is become as one H259 of us, to know H3045 good H2896 and evilH7451: and now, lest he put forthH7971 his hand H3027, and takeH3947 also of the tree H6086 of lifeH2416, and eat H398, and live H2425for ever H5769:

    Considering Jesus Christ, God is the one who is making the statement he is defining the tree of Life as to what it is.

    A very curious question.

    I'm going to open my concordance Bible to see how many times it appears in the Bible.

    God had created the tree of good and evil for two reasons.

    1. So that mans will was based on intended Obeidience or rebellion
    2. To show many Jesus Christs glory in offering redemption.

    Comparing other bibles verses such as:

    Pro 11:30 The fruit H6529 of the righteous H6662 is a tree H6086 oflife H2416; and he that winneth H3947souls H5315 is wise H2450

    Rev 2:7 He that hath G2192 an earG3775, let him hear G191 what G5101the Spirit G4151 saith G3004 unto the churches G1577; To him G846 that overcometh G3528 will I give G1325 to eat G5315 of G1537 the tree G3586 oflife G2222, which G3739 is G2076 inG1722 the midst G3319 of the paradise G3857 of God G2316.

    The tree of life your specifically asking about differs from the tree of life stated in other areas of the Bible.

    It seems other verses insinuate that a tree of life or the tree of life is compared to the actions of a person which result in life is some aspect.

    However it seems that the tree of life is a tree by which God Jesus the Christ grants permission to be eaten from at some point in God's timeline for those who receive eternal life.

    I had a thought and just forgot.

    From what I am capable of understanding it seems God created the tree of life so that someone can eat of it and live forever. That it was not specifically created in Eden for Adam and Eve but a later time. Possibly to insinuate that God does intend for people to eat of it and live forever and why it is mentioned in genesis.

    Since the garden of Eden and everything created was based on the fact man would eventually sin and see God's glory, it serves as an assurance to the believer that they shall eat of the created tree by which they shall live forever.

    God had no intention for man to live forever physically, because Adam and Eve sinned.

    Eating of the tree would result in Adam and eves eternal condemnation because they would perpetually live and be condemned to suffer eternal hell if having eaten from the tree hence Jesus assighning angels to guard it.

    I heard something that a pastor once stated that once Adam and Eve were kicked out they still knew the location of Eden and may have tried to return.

    Their exile and the guarding of the tree of life was for their own good.

    So yeah Jesus is Lord and God.

    Romans 10:9

  • maxxmaxx 180 Pts
    I asked what is the tree of life in revelations; specifically rev: 22; where it states it is used for the healing of nations.  explain what nations. the only people who are left are the ones in new Jerusalem for everyone else is in hades.@jesusisGod777
  • SandSand 123 Pts
    God gave humans two special trees in the garden of Eden. One was the knowledge of good and evil, the other was the tree of life. The trees were meant to be eaten in a certain order. First the tree of life, which was to give the eater everlasting life. Then the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which was to give the eater the right for righteous judgment.

    Because the first couple had no knowledge of the tree of life, they partook of the trees in the wrong order and were banished from the garden. This allowed Satan to challenge God's right to sovereignty. He knew of the test because a similar test was done in heaven. That is why the statement at Genesis 3:22 - "Then the LORD God said, "Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil; and now, he might stretch out his hand, and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever ". The "us" is God and the Angels in heaven. Thus man gained sickness and death from sin.

    The nations are the world of mankind. The goal of the Bible is to reset that test. So we can each can take the test over, and the prize is being able to eat of the tree of life. This will heal the world. No more sickness and no more death.
  • maxxmaxx 180 Pts
    I am talking about the tree of life in rev 22. there are no nations left at that point for everyone is either in  hades or new jerusalem@Sand
  • SandSand 123 Pts
    This is John writing, he uses the word "nations" in place of the word "gentiles".
    Which is suppose to mean New Jerusalem consisting of a well diverse group.
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