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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

No faith, no havean?
in Religion

"If you don't believe in God, you will go to hell." This statement always came from religious friends of mine. They just didn't like the existence of people like me who are either agnostic or atheist. They didn't really care about one's deeds but faith. Of course, among them were sane theists who discarded that statement. I still remember the moment when students booed as soon as one of my religious teacher said that people go to heaven or hell only according to their actions.  Now I want to ask the religious users a question. Do Quran and Bible actually say that nonbelievers are bound to go to hell only because they do not have faith? If so, then isn't it ridiculous?

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  • From my experience there are Theists that say this and other Theists that don't say or agree with this. Either way it is an irrational thing to say and in some cases potentially fatal e.g, an adult brain washing a child that they will go to hell if they don't practice being a martyr in future and kill loads of innocent people in the process - i.e extremism/radicalization, etc.

  • I'm not religious, but from my understanding of the bible I think faith is the single most important aspect of being able to enter into the kingdom of heaven. People who do terrible unspeakable things can possibly enter into heaven because it is written that we all have a personal relationship with God. That means that people who live an impeccable moral life except for the fact that they did not actually believe in God, will most certainly be denied acceptance into the kingdom of heaven. Faith is the most important aspect of getting into heaven.          
  • I don't remember a thing before I was born. I don't expect to see, hear or DO a thing when I'm gone, just like I don't remember being a fetus. When the lights go out I've had my time, no visions, no senses. A million years from now … or so … I'll be stardust like the rest of you. No heaven, no hell, just ………………………………… :sleeping:
  • I am not religious, however I did grow up religious in the United Methodist Church and studied the bible and Christianity heavily. So yes, it is the case that in Christianity you can do the worst things imaginable by the human brain, and still go to heaven as long as you believe in Jesus and God and ask forgiveness for your sins and wrong doings. So essentially, Hitler could have gone to heaven as long as he asked forgiveness for his sins, and someone like me who has nothing as serious as Hitler had done, if I don't believe in god and ask forgiveness for my sins then I am going to hell. Also, yes it is a little ridiculous. This is partially the reason for why I became an agnostic person.  @대왕광개토
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  • @대왕광개토, eh, just ignore those people. They believe in a mythical creature. They aren't exactly the most intelligent people to discuss things with.
  • As someone said, "If the god is just, then he does not punish people merely for not worshipping him. And if he is unjust, then worshipping him is wrong." - or something along those lines.

    If the god does exist, then, chances are, she (and it must be a she; I will have it no any other way!) is very different from how proponents of any of the major religions depict her. She could be a monster torturing everyone regardless of who they are, or an angel, bestowing eternal bliss on everyone - but I doubt she is anything like the Bible or Quran says, and she probably reads those books as comedies.
  • I agree with most of the comments posted above. I think the reason why Bible and Quran tell people that they would go to hell if they don't believe in God is to make people scared and force them to have religious faith. It is ridiculous to imagine that all powerful, omniscient, and all loving God sends people to eternal hell just because they refused to believe in him/her.
  • First of all, if you believe in the Bible, then you are an . The bible is a marketing tool used by Religious leaders to control and scare people. Have you ever seen a poor religious leader?.... lets check the FAIRY TALE BOOK called the bible real quick..... Adam and Eve story : The talking snake that tempted eve, " Talking Snake".....Cain and Abels sacrifice where God told one to kill his brother as a sacrifice...KILL..... ADAM and EVES children each other ( so its fine with God )……… How bout the story where God said that he will be killing all first born children?......How bout the story of the Great Flood where God MURDERED all living things except for NOAH'S family and a pair of Dinosaurs, Humpback whales, Mammoths, Polar Bears, Lions, ants, flies, maggots.... they all lives happily inside the Ark and fit inside by the way......How bout Jesus the savior who is coming back to judge the living and the dead?...….Really? Jesus has been dead for thousands of years and he is never coming back.... You know why how I know he is not coming back?.. BECAUSE HE IS DEAD!...……...And whats this bull about God loves everyone including sinners?.....Really?...…….so if God loves sinners according to the bible, then why did he create hell for those non believers and so called sinners to suffer for eternity?...……..Once again, the Bible, the MARKETING TOOL OF RELGIOUS LEADERS TO CONTROL PEOPLE...…….Use the Vatican as an example.....The richest organization in the world.... Yet people are starving , dying, with no help.... Probably the Vatican is afraid they might get poor.....The Vatican by the way receives remittances from churches all over the world....TAX FREE
  • @AlofRI @piloteer TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU
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