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Is Mental illness a Medical , Psychological or a Spiritual issue?
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By wakotiwakoti 2 Pts
Unless you may have living in cave then you should have noticed that Opioids addiction was declared a National crises in 2017 by President Trump, millions around die each year from drug over dose. And by drug, I mean, any substance that is induced into your body for primary purpose of mood alteration. That will include but not limited to alcohol, wine and spirits, cocaine, marijuana, pain killers legally prescribed by a Psychiatrist, like Morphine and others, Anxiety med, like Xanax and others. All mass shooters with-in the last 60 years were seeing a Psychiatrist and were all on medication to control mood. By Mental illness, I mean normal everyday folks suffering from loneliness, fear, stress, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. The debate is,  are these medical, psychological or spiritual issues?     

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  • It's a medical issue, by definition... Medicine concerns itself with Health, which is a holistic concept encompassing physical and mental "well-being" of people. Spirituality (or related words) is just a way of describing the mental part of individuals, it doesn't exist separate from it, so to me it's a useless word here. 

    Your definition of "Mental illness" is terribly large... Loneliness, fear, stress, anxiety, depression, etc, are not in themselves illnesses, it'd be more accurate to talk about states of mind/emotions, which can become symptoms of illnesses. We all experience fear, stress, anxiety, we're not "ill" when we experience those at the sight of a menacing grizzly standing 20 yards in front of us, it's quite normal and really healthy to... 

    When someone is unable to function, that is when it becomes an illness. It's a question of balance in physical-mental states, that's why it requires both physical and mental treatments. It's easier to treat the physical first, a lot more objectivity in chemistry than emotions right? The mental part of people being the realm of subjectivity, restoring balance there is not as easy as it may seem...
    " Adversus absurdum, contumaciter ac ridens! "
  • @wakoti

    It is untrue that all mass shooters were seeing psychiatrists, or were taking medication for mood disorders. Only 25% of mass shooters can actually be identified as someone with some sort of mental illness, and only 4% of mass shooters have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness. You're purposely misrepresenting mental illness. Extremism, racism, and terrorism are not symptoms of mental illness. This thread is a load of $hit, and I wouldn't be surprised if this user is a troll bot that was programmed in Moscow. Get fu€ked!!!!   
  • @wakoti

    Oh ya, welcome to DI by the way.
  • Mental illness is generally a chemical imbalance.  The rest can be aided by counseling but are not in themselves a mental illness.  
  • DeeDee 2178 Pts

    Trump says a lot of mostly things because of his genetic idiocy , he also stated that mass shootings were done by the mentally ill . Gun violence  is more an issue of access and regulation than it is mental health which is quiet simply a fact that eludes the Orange one and his sycophantic fan base 
  • Medical. There is no proof of other causes. God hates me, that's why He allowed mental illness for me.
  • Mental illness originates within the organ called the brain. Therefore, Mental illness is both a physical and medical condition. I think it's time we move away from talking as if the brain is somehow a separate entity from the rest of the body.

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