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The Twilight movies should be remade by someone who actually read the books

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I honestly love the books and have read them over and over, the movies were such a let down. They didn't do any of the characters justice (except charlie), especially bella, and changed up the plot where it really didn't need to be changed. The only place where i believe this was don right was in breaking dawn, adding the fight scene was really the only way to make the story more interesting, although i like this change and think it was really creative the book ending would have been just as exciting. If you didn't know in the book there was no fight scene, however the anticipation and preparation for the fight brought the same excitement. This is really a difficult story to bring to film as the majority of the story occurs in Bella's head, though i think someone who really knows the character and understands the motives could make a very beautiful and unique series. Bella is such a strong character in the books and the movies make her lame and boring. 

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  • IzniIzni 65 Pts   -  
    I have never gotten past the 1st part of the movie...meaning I only saw the first part of the series only...LOL
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