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What Education, is the best form of an Education?
in Education

Maybe the Internet?

Maybe your parents, or your family unit, or community?

Maybe the School system in your locality?

Maybe a Community College?

Maybe a household named College, or University?

Or maybe a combination of the above? 

Or maybe an education from none of the above, but maybe from a questionable mentor from the streets? 

What educational experiences, helped you in refining your well rounded educational background? 

With me, my family, community, local school system, the Internet, and some of the websites on the Internet, the old school journalism types, and the opinionated journalism types, based upon what News media outlet sources are presenting to the Public, via the news stories that they choose to cover, per day.

IE: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, NPR, OAN, NBC, FOX news, YouTube, the NRA, NAACP, ACLU, Black Lives Matters, ANTIFA, the Atheist Revolution, Parents Opposed to Pot, Citizens Against the Legalization of Marijuana, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, and the FBI.org website.

And the most educational LIBERAL news media anchor, that I know of is Mr. Chuck Todd, from Meet The Press.

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  • Despite getting a lot of bad publicity recently, universities still remain by far the best place to get education (although corporate education is starting to seriously compete with them). If you manage to get into one of the top schools, such as Harvard or MIT, then you are going to be set for life, unless you choose an unmarketable major. Any university from the top-1000 universities in the world in reasonable rankings is going to give you great education, and if you use all the extra resources universities provide and do a lot of networking in your time there, then you are going to be a star on the job market.

    Community colleges could be a good entry point for those who want to study at a prestigious university, but have less than stellar high school performance.
    Random small colleges I would avoid, unless you do not have strong ambitions in life and just want to get some basic skills.

    Corporate training is great if you can get one, as it typically guarantees a job contract at the end, and you are going to be taught very practical skills, even if a bit one-dimensional.

    The Internet obviously has the greatest education potential, but if you want to get self-educated that way, then you have to have a lot of self-discipline. The main reason guided education works best for most people is because the mentors push through your natural resistance and laziness and get you to study despite them.

    Getting education from news media? Now that is a terrible idea, if I ever heard one.
  • @MayCaesar I may disagree with that slightly, universities are still the best way for one to get the most job opportunities, but i dont agree it gives you the best education.
  • @MichaelElpers

    Well, what, in your opinion, gives you better education than a high-ranked university, such as Harvard or Oxford? An undergraduate program in a STEM field in MIT or Princeton is going to push you to your limits and is going to do the same to your mind, as what the navy seal training does to your body.
  • The best form of education is the one which can earn you a great life(money) along with the joy of work.
  • @jester_s_001
    Of course, money is one of the greatest luxuries in life, however education should not be centred around striving to be the richest of the 10%. Instead, education should be used to teach students the value of life, and useful life lessons - such and taxes and mortgage.
  • AlofRIAlofRI 733 Pts
    No education that "steers" the thinking of the mind is good. There's a lot of good education on the internet if it "educates" with the pros and cons of a subject and allows open minded thought. A good, open minded university, that allows one to use his/her/it's common sense, combined with a few years of actual living, experienced, tutors is the best education.

    My daughter was chosen (in middle school) to be a participant in a special class made up of the most intelligent students. I wasn't intelligent enough to see, quickly enough, what it was doing TO those students. Late in the year, after several upsetting dinner discussions, I got the message. I went to the school and visited the class … just to watch. After the class I spoke to the "teacher". She talked about how wonderful it was to watch the students use their minds. This was during the "love and peace" era of the 60's. I watched the whole class tear down their country, the laws, the police, and actually democracy in general. I agreed that it was nice that they were "using their own minds" but I told her I saw HER job was to "GUIDE" their thinking, not let it go to extremes! It was too late in the year to take my daughter out of that class. 
    Several years later my daughter (who had gone through a lot of problems of her own), told me that she knew of about 15 students of that class that had serious emotional problems and a couple had committed suicide. Several had dropped out of school. So much for "brilliant students" who talked themselves out of common sense! The best form of education is one with "free thinking" but with the guidance of those who have lived a bit of life, and learned, and shared some common sense WITH the free thinkers.  That's one thing MOST universities do. The internet may have tons of information but it can't replace the INTERACTION one gets in an institution that offers some common sense guidance.
  • @AlofRI
    Lover, hunter, friend and enemy
    You will always be every one of these
    Nothing's fair in love and war.
  • Probably, all these forms of education are important. If you deduct a single from them, you will face insufficiencies in an individual's personality. 
  • AlofRIAlofRI 733 Pts
    The best is the kind that learns you to talk right!
  • TacoBellTacoBell 30 Pts
    I personally think it depends on the individual and how they learn. Kind of the like the visual vs auditory learners thing.
  • In traditional sense being educated doesn't really mean being enlightened at the same time. I read a quote 
    "The point is to make you educated enough to be employable but keep you unenlightened enough to be governable."
    If you go to college you’ll be trained in how to master your subject, not on making split-second decisions. Technical skills should be given importance, but being obsessed with improving it with almost zero real life execution power is . The education which makes you a decision-maker is in my opinion the best one you can get. Chasing degrees is worthless, pursuing knowledge should be given utmost importance. Education also means the accumulation of behaviour and values. Education is not only about acquiring knowledge, it's more about how you use that knowledge to your own and also societies well off.
    So, for being truly educated(in my opinion):
    Firstly you must understand and memorise some things that you learn from your surroundings, classes etc.
    Secondly you gotta learn how to apply your memorised learning rationally in real life.
    A university helps one to be a free thinker and it also inculcates a healthy competitive mindset in a student. In my opinion though self study can help a student, it is not very productive. Internet contains plethora of informations. But one-to-one interaction is very important which can't really be given through internet.
    Lastly getting education through media is not something towards which I can really look forward to with any satisfaction whatsoever. It must be the treated like the last option lol.
    Lover, hunter, friend and enemy
    You will always be every one of these
    Nothing's fair in love and war.
  • TacoBellTacoBell 30 Pts

    university helps one to be a free thinke
    Definitely not true with regards to political viewpoints in the United States
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