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May I know What is the purpose of this Tea Section?
in Tea


I am curious about this tea section. Your views? <span>:hushed:</span>

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  • piloteerpiloteer 674 Pts
    edited March 23

    It is now thought that since our economic system is about to turn into liquid poop, the new monetary tender will be tea. I have been hoarding loose tea for the past six days now. I will be the new elite vanguard.
  • GrafixGrafix 230 Pts
    edited March 23
    @piloteer - LOL!  Best of British luck with that, mate.

    My guess is that tea when explored in depth, is an interesting subject, culturally, herbally, commercially and as a ceremonial social custom in both China and Japan, who are great tea drinkers and then there are the Brits, also great tea drinkers, who delivered to the West Ceylon tea via the East India Trading Co. and branded it as Twinnings tea.  The life on the tea plantations has a colorful history too, while the science of growing tea and its multiple attributes are also interesting to those interested.  It even has the inglorious history of being tipped by the crate load into the Boston Harbor, from which historical protest a political party in the U.S. coined its name, the Tea Party. 

    Disgusted with British exploitation of American citizens upon the introduction of the Tea Act - a tax on tea - the angered Sons of Liberty protested by hurling every crate of tea unloaded onto the docks into the Boston harbor and fought the imposition of the tax.  The protest itself was then humorously referred to as The Boston Tea Party.  Today The Tea Party in U.S. Politics is the Conservative wing of the Republican Party.
    The further back we look, the greater forward insight we can have. History speaks.
  • After this post, mods added coffee also for coffee lovers :wink: hahaha
  • piloteerpiloteer 674 Pts

    Alright "wise" guy. Which do you prefer, black tea, dark tea, green tea, yellow tea, white, or oolong? Being a bad macho American as I am, I love me some black tea. I cannot stand green tea, and I've honestly have never tried white tea.  
  • “Picture you upon my knee

    Just tea for two and two for tea

    Just me for you

    And you for me alone”

    Doris Day – Tea for two (1950) Composed by Vincent Youmans with lyrics by Irving Caesar (1924)

  • GrafixGrafix 230 Pts
    @piloteer @BonitaVanhooser -  I noticed.  Looks like you've started something in the Mods' tea rooms, or pehaps at the coffe break table.
    The further back we look, the greater forward insight we can have. History speaks.
  • GrafixGrafix 230 Pts
    edited March 23
    @piloteer - You are what some call a REAL tea drinker - black tea unadulterated.  I share your sentiments about the Asian style, green tea leaving me a bit green.  Black tea is my elixir too, but am afraid I do bastardize it with a drop of cow juice.
    The further back we look, the greater forward insight we can have. History speaks.
  • GrafixGrafix 230 Pts
    edited March 23
    @John_C_87 - Ah, the memories.  You are showing your age son, but then so am I.  LOL!   Here's another one.  It's a verse from The Ballad of The Boston Tea Party ....

    Since Father Noah squeezed the grape
    And took to such behaving
    As would have shamed our grandsire ape
    Before the days of shaving,--
    No! Ne'er was mingled such a draught
    In palace, hall, or arbor,
    As freemen brewed and tyrants quaffed
    That night in Boston Harbor!

    AND this parody on Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatter's Tea Party of Alice In Wonderland fame ....

    Come to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party
    The table is set out under the trees
    Come and sit down - there's plenty of room
    Share your repast with the birds and the bees.

    The Mad Hatter's wearing a trio of hats
    The Dormouse is asleep - the March Hare is late
    The Hatter is talking in riddles
    Alice did not know - what of it to make!

    A writing desk - why like a raven is it? ? ?
    The Hatter consulted his large pocket clock
    Gosh it's two days slow - where does the time go?
    He dipped it in tea - a real clock-starting shock.

    Dormouse started a story to tell
    Of sisters called Lacie and Elsie and Tillie
    Who lived down inside a large treacle well
    Learning to draw thing beginning with 'M' - rather silly.

    It was always 'tea-time' so they all moved around
    Hare to Mouse to Alice to Hatter to New
    Hatter and Hare pushed Mouse in the teapot
    So nose in the air - haughty Alice withdrew! !

    The further back we look, the greater forward insight we can have. History speaks.
  • piloteerpiloteer 674 Pts

    I won't point the finger for using a little milk or cream. I use sugar as well. But I usually heat and beat the milk for a latte effect. I understand the herbal essence for green tea, and it's use for various religious ceremonies, but I consume beverages for its taste. I also prefer the caffeine of a black blend. Apparently all tea is derived from the same plant, but its the environment, and manner of how its grown and processed that governs the type of tea it becomes. The plant that's used for tea originated in China, but it's now found all over the world. I'm an earl grey kind of person myself, but I like to peruse through the loose tea offerings also.     
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3208 Pts

    I doubt your loose tea collection can stand up to mine. Three long shelves packed with multiple rows of different teas: black, green, white, red, mixed, etc. My problem is that I buy a new tea, drink it for a few days, then want to try something new, and the number of loose tea packs just keeps growing linearly. :(

    Here is the best tea I have drunk so far (subjectively, obviously):

    Absolutely unrivaled. One of the few teas that is rich in flavor enough that I do not need to add any spices or mix it with any other teas to enjoy it tremendously.
  • GrafixGrafix 230 Pts
    edited March 23
    @piloteer - Yes, Earl Grey is best drunk black. Agreed, and similarly for me, it's all about taste and not herbal attributes. I have two regular favourites, Russian Caravan and Orange Peko.  The Orange Peko is only of the young green tips from the new shoots on the bush.  Russian Caravan has a slightly smokey aroma and taste - harking back to the Australian equivalent of Billy Tea, (an actual Australian brand name) - coined from the Australian tradition of bushmen, who brew tea in a billy can - a round can about five inches or so in diameter and approx.eight inches tall with a swing handle.  The can is set in the hot coals of an open fire.  When the water boils then the leaves are added and brewed a little longer.  The can is lifted by its handle from the fire, using a forked stick, always handy, lying ubiquitously everywhere on the ground in the Aussie bush.  It is than drunk from a pannkin - an enamel coated tin cup.

    The further back we look, the greater forward insight we can have. History speaks.
  • AlofRIAlofRI 552 Pts
    I would remind some here that the recent rise of the new American "TEA Party" had nothing to do with "tea". It stood for "Taxed Enough Already" and has now morphed into the inappropriately named "Freedom Coalition" that goes against any democratic freedom movement … like voting rights and racial equality. A bitter cup of TEA! :s
  • piloteerpiloteer 674 Pts
    edited March 23

    Just so you know, that stuff does have a shelf life and shouldn't really be kept for more than 2 years.  Thanx for the tip though. I will give the tea in your link a try.
  • piloteerpiloteer 674 Pts
    edited March 23

    I'm not too excited about the Smokey flavors unless we're talking about steak. The Orange peko definitely looks like something I would like to try though. I like my tea strong, but I like a refreshing flavor most of the time as opposed to the full body taste. That's not a strict rule though.   
  • GrafixGrafix 230 Pts
    edited March 23
    @AlofRI - That's not wrong either, but don't forget it was the Tea Act imposed by the British upon Amricans - a new tax on tea - which caused the Sons of Liberty to toss all of the crates full of tea that were on the docks, into the Boston Harbor in protest of that very tax - the tea tax.  That famous protest was given the humorous name of The Boston Tea Party and from that event a strong upswell in rejection of the tax formed into a political group, which took it's name from these events and called itself the The Tea Party.  It is a clever pun on the words :"Tea" and "Party".
    The further back we look, the greater forward insight we can have. History speaks.
  • I guess it's for debating tea related issues. Such as "What is the best form of tea?'
  • GrafixGrafix 230 Pts
    @piloteer - Have you ever had real billy tea, brewed over an open fire with the lid off so that the whole ambience of the fire and smoke is subtly imfused in the liquid?  It's not bad at all.
    The further back we look, the greater forward insight we can have. History speaks.
  • lj123lj123 63 Pts
    The point of this section is that you can post funny things that don't really fit in the other categories like tea debates.
  • piloteerpiloteer 674 Pts

    To be honest, I've never even heard of Billy goat tea until this discussion. If I am ever given the chance to try it, I most certainly won't turn it down. It does sound very nice.  
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