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Coffee for Members Who Don't Like Tea

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Finally, we also have a coffee category here. probably, for members who don't like tea or want coffee category. 

Share your quick coffee recipe with the lowest ingredients in coronavirus pandemic??

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4800 Pts   -  
    I really like adding various spices to my coffee: cardamom, cinnamon, ginger root powder, etc. The recent discovery I made is this amazing mushroom extract powder:

    It makes coffee have a very unique taste, always sending me mentally into a morning summer rainy forest.
  • Coffee and homemade caramel and hot milk. Use to like it with corn and other flavorings aged in a special way for years in an oak barrel. Now just hot milk and caramel.
  • piloteerpiloteer 1547 Pts   -  

    That sounds nice. I'll definitely give the mushroom extract a try. 
  • piloteerpiloteer 1547 Pts   -  

    That sounds uber interesting.  
  • evilsaintevilsaint 22 Pts   -  
    coffee has made a choice ..

    many has made liking to many variety.

    a mixture of some tea in the coffee with chocalate would be modern liking ..

    its rich as per the world dictator standards ...

    the coffee dictator ...
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