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Gangsta Rap is now recognized by the library of Congress. Was gangsta rap advantageous to society?

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Love it or hate it, a gangsta rap mogul has been recognized by the library of Congress. The chronic by Dr Dre is now included in the library of Congress. Many have labeled it misogynistic, racist, and pro-criminal, but it's impact on society is none the less obvious. I will be arguing that gangsta rap was a form of neo-journalism that was very much needed in society. Before gangsta rap, most white middle-class Americans had no idea of the social pressures that plagued low-income inner city youths, most especially black youths. Gangsta Rap was a medium that brought the social attitudes of inner city black youths front and center and showcased these attitudes for all to see. Love it or hate it, gangsta rap gave all of us an insight into the lives and struggles of the low-income inner city black youths.        

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4676 Pts   -  
    Well, the Library of Congress even has a Mein Kampf edition in it. What is included there is based not on what was advantageous to society, but based on what impacted the society in a significant way.

    As for rap, I do not consider it music, and it probably has a very negative influence both on people's musical taste and the culture in general - listening to songs glorifying committing crimes is hardly healthy. 

    There are far better ways to express how one feels through songs; the entire genre of blues is fundamentally dedicated exactly to that - expressing one's life grievances in a melancholic way. And, unlike rap, blues actually has a very rich musical theory and culture behind it. Is this not a better way to express one's feelings?

    If black people blasted this kind of music from their cars' speakers instead of rap... Oh well.
  • DeeDee 4773 Pts   -  

    ***Before gangsta rap, most white middle-class Americans had no idea of the social pressures that plagued low-income inner city youths, most especially black youths. 

    I don’t buy that  , I think white middle class were always aware but didn’t really care this made them care less and actually made them even more wary of blacks .......

    I don’t know how lyrics like such help the “cause” in any way ......

    Ice Cube and them niggas with the 'tudes

    Showed a how to blast at dudes "BLAW!!"

    COME ON!! Dr. Dre, N.W.A

    Eazy-E and 'Ren, what you say!

    Too Short kept it raw for them niggas up North

    Geto Boys, we was like to the law

    W.C. nigga, sag your pants

    We taught you how to gangbang and to crip dance

    Drive by shooting , f—k the law , and rape women , we all get the anger but what its really saying is to be one of us this is what you got to do and f—k everyone else .

    Gangsta rap is the self pitying , self entitled cry of people that love to play the victim  card and use colour to justify their allegedly  dire circumstances and of course any one who says the opposite is normally branded a racist 

    Gangsta rap regards “artistic merit “ I put in the same category as “Christian rock” the hard thing is deciding which is more dreadful 

  • AlofRIAlofRI 1481 Pts   -  
    Al Capone was "recognized" by almost everybody, he was NOT advantageous to society.
  • trouser_snaketrouser_snake 4 Pts   -  
    It added a new piece to the grand mosaic of the society which is more than enough to be recognised. Nazis and furries are also pieces of this mosaic so they should all be remembered in the collective memory of the society unless you are living in Oceania
  • leonardoleyvaleonardoleyva 59 Pts   -  
    Gangsta rap was a was for inner city black youths to climb from poverty and finally become recognized by the rich white society of this country. Several people in these comments claim that this was somehow a "victim-card" whining. When in reality it is those same people complaining about their so called "reverse racism" and blatantly using the n-word int these comments. Not even quoting a song just talking about rappers. 

    I find this the peak example of urbanized racism in 21st century america.   

    Men rose up from the ghetto with gangsta rap and basically crawled from the lowest reaches of poverty in this country by creating their own art form. If that isnt something that should be recognized i dont know what is. 

    A lot of these comments also state in a blatantly racist manner that  gangsta rap was about raping women and committing murder. While you may find examples of this in today's rap gangsta rap was more of a poetic description of the struggles they faced as black men stuck in the ghetto.

  • piloteerpiloteer 1531 Pts   -  

    Most white people only like the blues because it is a confirmation to them that Black people are suffering and Black people will remain second class citizens. White people hate it when Black music can be used as a tool of empowerment. Notice white people can't actually make a blues song. Like George Carlin said; what do white people have to be blue about? The kind of things white people have the blues over is when banana republic closes, or hootie and the blowfish break up.  
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