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Why are cities being taken over by rioters, most times run by Democrats?
in Politics

For a rational person to watch all the violence in Democrat controlled cities, and believing the fake news blaming Trump, then what can I say, you are truly low end voters.

Democrats have always been soft on crime, and their cities reflect this insanity. Law and order requires strength, not bleeding heart Liberals making excuses for every criminal. Nancy Pelosi labels federal law enforcement, trying to quell these non stop riots, as Storm Troopers! This is your Democrat Party's Speaker of the House talking! In the minds of Democrats, law enforcement is the problem, and the rioters are the victims. INSANE LEFT WING DRIVEL!

Why is it that when a moral man loses his job, or is low income, he would not make his hardship an excuse for abandoning his children. WHY?
How come a moral man does not start a life of crime or drug addiction when times are hard?

The Democrat Party's base is one of Government dependents, and this is why the Left's agendas are pandering to life time criminals, life time able bodied welfare recipients, etc. etc.
These are their voting blocks and they will do all in their power to keep them on Government dependence. This is why Democrats are soft on crime. They see criminals as votes. Have you noticed how Democrats want criminals in prison to be able to vote?

These Liberal Democrat Mayors and Governors want to play politics at the expense of law abiding citizens in these crime ridden cities. Beating Trump is their priority, and if that means companies going bankrupt, people losing their jobs or lives, children having no schools to go to, then so be it.

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  • markemarke 334 Pts
    The fake witch hunt failed.  The stormy daniels affair failed.  The divorce scandals failed.  The business failures failed.  The impeachment fiasco failed.  Democrats are left with very little in their arsenal and very little time in which to discredit President Trump in the eyes of voters before the November election.  So they have pulled out all stops and are now fiving us their support for treason, sedition, murder, arson, looting, attacks on cops, man-made economic disasters and anything else damaging to America in order to try to persuade gullible voters that it is Trump's fault.
  • @marke

    Yes, you are of course correct. The saddest part of all this, is that half of our nation is now made up of gullible voters. They have been indoctrinated by biased leftwing news outlets in bed with the Democrat Party. These big cites are the homes to these voters and the reason Hillary won the poular vote.

    Biden is of course winning in national polls because of these big city voters, but he will lose the important swing States to the working men and women.
  • @marke
    If you would like to, I want to debate you on some of your points.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3408 Pts
    Large cities tend to be Democrat-dominated in general (I do not know why, but that is the pattern), and riots mostly happen in large cities (and this I know why: because that is where they are going to have any impact on the public opinion).

    It is not very difficult to connect the two and see that the causation you are looking for is not there.
  • @MayCaesar

    It's good that you admitted not knowing why big cites are many times controlled by Democrats.

    I will tell you why so forever more you will not be ignorant to the obvious.

    People, who choose to live off Government, move to the populated areas where they can easily access free social programs. Democrat Politicians pander for their votes, and therefore garner the vast majority of welfare voters. This is why Democrats usually win NY State elections.

    Hard working middle class voters do not like being taxed to death to support able bodied people, so they move out of big cities to areas where there are fewer of these Big taxing Democrats.

    It's those swing States that won Trump's election, and will do so again. Democrats will probably be winning the popular vote in future elections as well since 99% of our TV news is from Liberal biased media outlets. Thankfully the rational hard working Americans can see through all the fake hate Trump news.
  • markemarke 334 Pts

    I am willing to debate, if I can.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3408 Pts

    When I say that I do not know something, I do not mean that I am oblivious to various childish hypotheses trying to explain this complex phenomenon. I mean that I do not know.

    Much like when someone asks me what caused the Big Bang and I say that I do not know, I do not mean by that, "I have never heard of your wonderful religion; tell me all about it".
  • @marke
    If you compare our covid response to that of most of the rest of the world, especially the first world it has been lackluster in containing the virus.
    Due to us not instantly reacting months ago to issue strict lockdown measures, we've seen a higher ratio of cases and deaths, along with the ability for us to fully reopen being pushed further and further back. While other nations such as Japan, Italy, Spain, South Korea,the UK etc. all bit the bullet and issues extremely strict lockdowns, in the long term they were able to flatten the curve and thankfully reopen life and businesses sooner. Their healthcare plans have also played a result. In the US, people are still hesitant to go to the doctor because in many cases it means economic collapse. So these same people choose in their mind the lesser of the two evils and try to treat the virus at home, however it only results in the case worsening and spreading, leading to long term health damage and massive collateral damage. Meanwhile affordability in these other nations is non issue, hence that combined with their more mature response (which includes stimulus checks which we have yet to come up with a steady stimulus plan) has resulted in citizens going back to daily life sooner resulting in their respective economies getting back on their feet. The US has seen the opposite of this. Our response has pushed back our reopening. While we have pumped trillions into the stock market which has over 90% of its stocks owned by the top ten percent, passed a 100 billion dollar military budget increase, as well as bailing out many large corporations which many such as Shake Shack has publicly coming out as not needing, a large number of our population is facing evictions, no stimulus checks, pay cuts, no easy access to healthcare along with a multitude of other factors. As a result this has to a large group of ticked off people with little to lose. Historically despite time, culture or location, this has always resulted in violence. I believe this explains a great deal of the reason of the riots. The working class is consistently getting pushed aside while large corporations who don't need much assistance, get an overwhelmingly large amount of it. Honestly when people loot these same corporations who've gotten trillions pumped into them, I feel little sympathy (for the corporations as a whole, I do feel for the workers caught in the middle of it) because they represent essentially the largest inconsistency with the government's response to covid. The looting of small businesses is destructive, but it's unfair to lump the peaceful protesters in with the looters, and the looters who are looting large corporations with the minority that are looting small businesses. Truthfully most if not all of these riots could have been avoided if the government took greater steps to ensure that the people had economic stability like every other 1st world nation that has been hit hard by the pandemic has been doing. Democrat, Republican, I don't care because the reality of it all is that these riots are just an example of the government receiving what it was seeking.
    Blaming the rioters, most of which are people who are seriously economically disenfranchised and even more so during this pandemic (and our lackluster response to it) is really just another method the government uses to turn the people against each other and ignore the larger issues; which is the government itself.
  • markemarke 334 Pts

    You touched on many things.  I will have to break some of this down into separate responses.  I happen to believe the prevalent mob opinion about how to fight the coronavirus has proven to be wrong for several reasons.  First, the question nof masks has proponents on both sides, including Dr. Fauci who discounbted the value of masks at first and then changed his position.  Not all scientists have changed their positions like that and not all scientists recommend masks.  My daughter is an RN and she currently works in a retirement home with elderly patients.  5 of her patients got the coronavirus and died.  All five were 90 years of age or older.  My daughter got the virus and was sick for more than a week.  She recovered and went back to work.

    The cook in her facility got the virus and died also.  He was 32 years old and a diabetic.  He had contracted the virus from family members in his house.  Social distancing did not help him or any of the others who died in that facility, because they were not in violation of the social distancing rules.  My daughter tells me her nurse and doctor friends at the hospital discount the value of wearing masks.  Scientific reports on the internet discount wearing masks.  So I am convinced masks are not as absolutely essential as so many people seem to think.
  • markemarke 334 Pts
    I got a notice that it is your turn to respond.
  • @marke
    How do you explain the success of nations that did enforce strict social distancing laws?
    As for the conflicting science, I will take you at your word that there are probably some reports arguing against social distancing. However I've never seen a study stating that no social distancing will provide the same effects of social distancing.
  • markemarke 334 Pts

    Success is a relative term.  Social distancing is not an exact science.  It is based upon assumptions which are not irrefutable scientific facts.  The risk factor remains low and the percentage of those who die from the disease keeps falling as more people are tested who do not get sick and die.  Most social distancing policies governing state rules in America totally ignore scientific data about the effectiveness of herd immunity.

    Government leaders first discounted the danger of the virus, discounted the use of masks and social distancing and criticized Trump for closing the US border to China.  Aftyer they reversed themselves on that the main thrust was to enact strict social distancing/mask wearing policies until the curve flattened.  Now that the curve has flattened we are finding a large number of politicians who do not want to open businesses back up to save the economy.  I find that extremely bad judgment.  America will not be helping any sick people if the economy collapses and hospitals shut down because the government can no longer pay to keep them open.

    America needs to wake up to the real and present widespread danger of economic collapse facing them as they peer into the very narrow virus danger hole.
  • It's for the same reason that the number of churches and death rates in a city correlate-
    There is none except that more people means more deaths, and more people means more churches are built.

    More densely populated areas are where the riots are more likely to occur, and urban areas in particular tend to be democratic.

    Correlation does not mean causation!
    At some point in the distant past, the universe went through a phase of cosmic inflation,
    Stars formed, planets coalesced, and on at least one of them life took root.
    Through a long process of evolution this life 
    developed into the human race.
    Humans conquered fire, built complex societies and advanced technology .

    All of that so we can argue about nothing.
  • @marke
    I will agree with you that most of our policy has ignored science in implementing their policy but not for the reason you think. I've done my research and I have yet to find one accredited scholarly article that argues that social distancing does nothing to mitigate the virus
    Technically speaking if we are going by the majority of the science and evidence based on other experiments (other nations) all of the reason points towards a dramatic strict lockdown for at least a few weeks.
    Otherwise if our policy was so superior to that of other nations, then Europe and Canada wouldn't have issued travel bans on us.
    As for the economic aspects of it, I've made my position clear; the government needs to go in the direction of other places similar hit by the pandemic and issue housing relief and stimulus. That combined with a thorough lockdown will allow us to reach the date of full reopening sooner.
    The statement of the curve flattening is debatable to say the least. It is true that more testing leads to more cases but its obvious that our relaxed distancing policies from Trump rallies, to protests, to crowded cities and beaches and the like has increased the figure. Over 1% of the Nation has or has had the virus and we are breaking new daily case records regularly. Even if we were to send our least at risk groups back to their normal activities, we still risk losing thousands. Happy killbot (the poster above) actually quoted and calculated a recent student showing that if we were to send all 50 million of our students back to in person classes we will mist likely lose 16,000 of then. Mathematically 16 grand is little compared to the total but we still shouldn't send nearly 20 thousand children and young adults to their deaths when we can easily avoid it.
    I can do the calculations of our predicted total amount of deaths for the late 20's to 50's age group if you want.
    I believe that this pandemic was going to cause economic collateral damage as is, but I do believe our policy has made the effects worse than they had any right to be.
  • markemarke 334 Pts

    The coronavirus curve was flattened.  It is now time to restart businesses before our economy gets completely flattened.
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