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Do you prefer capatlism or socialism?
in Politics

By jkitty95jkitty95 32 Pts
I wanna read what you guys prefer.

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  • @jkitty95
    I prefer capitalism with basic social democracy programs such as universal health care, child care, and no private prisons. Yet whenever I mention this I am automatically labeled as a socialist because my version of capitalism isn't extremely far right.
  • AlofRIAlofRI 829 Pts
    I prefer democracy as the dominating entity with a fairly regulated capitalist component and an equality based on socialistic protections. 

    We have [most] always had a healthy dose of socialism. We all put a percentage of our monies together for our roads, schools, fire and police, libraries, snow and garbage removal, etc.. We pay into SS and Medicare, care for the homeless and disabled ..... ALL social protections that have done nothing but good for the country. That kind of socialism is nothing to be afraid of! Bernie is a good guy. He just wanted a bit more socialism than [ I ] wanted, and wanted it too fast. Still, I would rather have him than the authoritarian we have now. He will lead U.S. to an oligarchy like Russia, where they gave socialism a bad name by dominating it with communism instead of democracy.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3408 Pts
    I prefer both. Have one large territory where all socialists move and build their paradise there, and let reasonable people build a civilized economy elsewhere.

    This way everybody is happy. Under capitalism - because of high quality of life, and under socialism - because not being happy is punishable by law. Everybody wins, right? ;)
  • edited July 26
    The offer still stands (insert winky face my emojis won't work)
    I'm just playing around. I did enjoy sparring with you.
  • We are already part socialist people jsut dont want to grasp that. And to all you nay sayers I have this to say " if this country is not even a little socialist then what do you call SOCIAL SECURITY". Just saying 
  • DeeDee 2362 Pts
    edited July 27
    I prefer a Capitalist society where social policies exist as in universal health care , social welfare for unemployed , afforadable housing and government pension on retiring these are basic human rights in most of Europe which is mainly Capitalist
  • I prefer free-market capitalism with free school-level education, free healthcare, and government subsidies on college education. I also think that the government should leave businesses alone and not interfere with their business practices.
  • We are already part socialist people jsut dont want to grasp that. And to all you nay sayers I have this to say " if this country is not even a little socialist then what do you call SOCIAL SECURITY". Just saying 
    I agree, that the US is a little socialist, but in my ideal world it would be less socialist than it is now.
  • Phil413Phil413 35 Pts
    Neither. I prefer a mixed used economy, which is what we have now. If you have 100% capitalism, with LITTLE or no restrictions, that allows for too much abuse ( ex: Companies permitted to dump into rivers with no restrictions). Socialism at 100% means there is no incentive to achieve or too innovate, because if you have to share with everyone, what's the point? The free market system with controls in place is what works; trouble is, how much for each side is always up for debate. 
  • markemarke 334 Pts
    No healthy economy ever starts out communist.  Communism takes existing economies and makes them worse.
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