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The best online Debate website - DebateIsland.com! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Was Brexit a good decision for the UK?
in Politics

Position: For
By RS_masterRS_master 154 Pts edited July 29
July 2020 Private Tournament semifinals debate (RS_Master VS TGMasterX) -

Was Brexit a good decision for the UK?

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Debate Type: Traditional Debate

Voting Format: Moderate Voting


Rounds: 3

Time Per Round: 48 Hours Per Round

Voting Period: 48 Hours

Status: Not Accepted (Post Argument To Accept The Debate)



  • Round 1 | Position: For
    RS_masterRS_master 154 Pts
    Hello and welcome to the debate.
    I will start off by talking about the britain being more connected and an independant market. After that, my colleague @RS_master will be talking about house prices and change. After that, another colleague of mine

    Many people who dislike the idea of brexit believe that leaving the EU will result in UK leaving the single market. On the contrary, UK could develop their own market free from the brussels policy and restrictions. Other non-EU countries are doing really well: Norway, Switzerlend, Iceland, Sweden; Switzerland and Norway are in the top 10 richest countries https://www.therichest.com/luxury/10-richest-countries-in-the-world/ .

    The UK would save more than half a billion pounds in EU annual contributions.

    Nigel Farage once told some journalists that," the EU is dying."
    Boris Johnson says, "This does not mean that the United Kingdom will be in any way less united, nor indeed does it mean that it will be any less European." 
    "The introduction of the EU passport, whilst a good idea (because) it allows nice people to travel easily around the continent, what it also does is allow bad people to travel freely across the continent," Farage said.
    In the EU, there are lots and lots of restrictions. After Brexit, UK will be free from them.

    Thank you
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