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President Trump is right to be concerned about the possibility of voter fraud in 2020
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By markemarke 334 Pts
We have had a history of problems in our voting tabulations for decades, even before LBJ (Landslide Lyndon's) election victory in 1948, in which he pulled off a stunning upset through voter fraud.

I think Caro makes a persuasive case that Johnson manipulated and exaggerated his wartime military experience, used his political connections to obtain and to develop radio station KTBC in Austin and stole the victory in the 1948 Senate race. That would be enough to satisfy most investigative reporters or expose-minded authors. But Caro wants to write a morality tale, an epic of democracy betrayed -- and his ambition betrays him as surely as Johnson's conceit about bringing "one-man-one-vote democracy" to South Vietnam undermined him.

Voter fraud is still a big problem today even though supporters of those crooks involved in fraud have been persuaded by the crooks that no fraud is taking place.  America needs to secure its voting process befrore the election is totally rigged and stolen by crooks in 2020.

Absentee ballots are the tools of choice of election fraudsters because they are voted outside the supervision of election officials, making it easier to steal, forge, or alter them, as well as to intimidate voters. 
Going entirely to by-mail elections would unwisely endanger the security and integrity of the election process, particularly if officials automatically mail absentee ballots to all registered voters without a signed, authenticated request from each voter.  

Voter registration rolls are notoriously inaccurate and out of date, containing the names of voters who are deceased, have moved, or otherwise have become ineligible.  
Having thousands of ballots arriving in the mail for individuals who no longer reside at a registered address risks those ballots being stolen and voted.  
Yet many liberals are pushing that very process.

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  • @marke
    I suggest that you register online using some private detail or other that only the Government has access to. Then, you type in your address, and they give you a PIN code. You have to write the PIN code on the voting slip when it arrives at your house. This way, they know it is you.
  • markemarke 334 Pts

    I like it.
  • marke said:

    I like it.
    Great! I believe this would reduce the probability of voter fraud.
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