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Where Do Morals Come From?
in Religion

By SwolliwSwolliw 164 Pts
@marke ;
"As Christians we teach our kids not to act like barbarians and loot and burn other people's properties like animals."

There must be something very wrong somewhere if someone needs to teach their kids "not to act like barbarians and loot and burn other people's properties like animals."

This raises an interesting thought about morals. I have heard it from Christians before that "if it wasn't for the Bible, we would have no morals" or, "I look to the Bible for my morals."

If someone has to consult a book to get one's morals, I don't think it says very much about the moral compass of that person.

Surely, don't we get our (good) morals from a well-balanced upbringing and appropriate social interaction?

Perhaps Christians should think again if they think for one minute that they own the copyright to moral behaviour. 
The Bible is responsible for promoting some of the vilest and corrupt moral behaviour ever written, especially in regards to sexism and vilifying minority groups.

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  • SandSand 213 Pts

    Would you say you feel there is a standard of moral value?

  • maxxmaxx 251 Pts
    In all actuallity, humans are still basically animals, with the same attitudes other animals have. There are no animals who regard barbaric behavior as wrong. It is only the slow process of higher intelligence that humans learn morals. No other animals have morals and if you strip away laws, many humans would resort and return to animalistic  behaviorism.@Swolliw
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3408 Pts
    Almost everyone's morals come from primal superstitions. After reading countless books on philosophy, ethics, moral systems, etc., I have only come across one mature attempt at a construction of a moral system not dependent on authority (which necessarily creates a circular reasoning), but dependent only on raw logic: Ayn Rand's Objectivism. Now, her philosophy has a ton of flaws and inconsistencies - she certainly was not a master of formal logic. But hers is the only serious take at this I have seen anywhere.

    Everyone else rehashes the same general moral system, with slight variations here and there, that is as old as civilization. System in which altruism is promoted, while greed is vilified. In which personal success is mostly viewed through the lens of its impact on the society. Where inequality is seen as fundamentally a bad thing.

    Building a moral system based on an old book makes little sense, but I have yet to see most of the critics of this approach offer a better alternative. Theirs is a similarly unrooted approach; they just replace one mystical theme with another. They replace "god" and the "holy book" with "common sense" and "human decency", similarly arbitrary and vague terms.
  • SandSand 213 Pts

    Without the Bible what would be your objective moral basis?
    If the Bible is completely made up, fictitious, then morals are subjective, not objective.

    A dolphin can kill its own children, it has subjective morals.
    But for a man to kill his own children, what would be the standard?
    Is killing wrong?
    Why does anyone need to adhere to your point of view?
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3408 Pts

    "Objective moral basis" is not something that does or can exist (Ayn Rand would beg to differ, but her primary is that the ultimate goal of a human being is survival, which I am skeptical about, considering countless cases of human individuals sacrificing their lives for something else). I am not looking for an objective moral basis; I am looking for a logic-based moral basis.

    Morals are absolutely subjective, but they are not arbitrary. There is a reason. A logical moral ruleset is derived from a set of axioms that approximate the real human experiences (doing X makes me happy in the long run, doing Y does not, hence X is more moral then Y), while an arbitrary moral ruleset is whatever the individual declares it is.
  • DeeDee 2362 Pts
    Morals are purely subjective , moral statements do nothing more than express the speaker's feelings about the issue at hand

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