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Judo Vs. Jiu Jitsu Which is Better Sport & Self-Defence?

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I am here to discuss two modern martial arts. One is judo, and the second one is BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). Though judo is simplified as compared to BJJ but I am here willing to discuss their effectiveness as a game and as self-defence. I remember, as a kid, I was willing to learn judo for self-defence. So, if we compare both martial arts as self-defence, then I would rank the BJJ high as compared to judo. Especially after the ban of leg grabbing in the judo, it has become ineffective for street defence. If we see technicalities, judo throw components still sound interesting for newbies but it relies a lot on gi grip.  BJJ offers no-gi which help learners become perfect in grappling like sambo and wrestling.

On the other hand, if we compare them in the sports section then judo is an Olympic sport and costs you cheaper in terms of training classes. It is also a proper standing self-defence technique if you are master in judo. Similarly, many experts also suggest judo as better martial arts for a beginner, especially kids because it is well-established with several tests and syllabus. However, when it comes to real combating and worse self-defence situation, then BJJ actually beats the judo. 

By the way, what are your views about martial arts like judo and BJJ? Do you think they are still much useful? How would you compare these two advanced martial arts? 

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  • AlofRIAlofRI 1481 Pts   -   edited August 2020
    I got my grandson into Judo when he was a little guy. Judo means "The Gentle Way" as I understand it. Jiu-Jitsu was intended to be a bit "less-than-gentle", let's say. My Grandson is now 6'2' - 210 (or thereabouts) and practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ... whatever that is. When he was in the army he practiced with his commanding officer .... he prob'ly lost most of the time.  ;)

    But, apparently, Judo is intended to BE "self-defense", where Jiu-Jitsu is more like ...... "Get the hell out of my way!" Right?
  • mrreasonmrreason 17 Pts   -  
    As far as Jujutsu or Ju Jitsu vs Judo goes: Judo is better for sport while  Jujutsu/Ju Jitsu is better for self defense.

      Now as Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu goes, that is better for mixed martial arts as well as sport than Judo is.  I enjoy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu better than Judo for sport.  For self defense or street fighting (would not want to be in a street fight anymore than a self defense situation) though, I wouldn't rely on BJJ with its emphasis on guard  when you have the possibility of being on pavement or if weapons or multiple attackers are involved.
  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -  
    well, any self edfense system is better than  none, for once you learned it, it will increase your confidence in a real fight; however, one would have to be extreamly well versed in either judo or ju jitsu to actually work well in a real street fight. @BonitaVanhooser
  • bjinthirtybjinthirty 113 Pts   -  

    A pepper spray to the dome and a stone cold stunner for me.
  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    @maxx That’s not the best defence system the best defensive system is a total automatic assault rifle that fiers 5 round s of 45 calibre in 1 second because no body can come any where near you before you splatter there brain matter all over the sub way walls so all that ju jizu stuff that you learn at night school for years and you bust your body and get a black belt then you walk out of the door of the academy and some red neck blows your brain matter out of your ears in a spilt second is all worth nothing in the end any way.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4589 Pts   -   edited June 20
    As someone who used to do a lot of boxing, I will say this.
    - If you have very limited time and just want to learn something quickly, then the most general martial arts, that allow for a large variety of actions, are best. Jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, muai-thai - all great choices. Judo is much more restrictive. Boxing is fine, but you will not learn how to fight with your legs, which is a significant handicap in a street fight.
    - If you have the time to really become a master at a martial art, then you can choose any art and become incredible at self-defense, far more than you will ever need in a real life situation (and if your martial art is not sufficient, then you are probably in a predicament in which no martial art would help you much). Both judo and jiu-jitsu are fine.
    - If you really want to be able to defend yourself, then carry a real weapon, and one you have practiced with. Having a decent knife that you can fight with will make you much better protected, than being a champion of the world in any martial art and having nothing on you. Having a gun is even better, provided you know how to quickly pull it out.
    - The best self-defense is caution. :) Stay clear of really shady areas; be smart, drop foolish bravery and, when in danger, run, call the police, yell for help, et cetera.
  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -  
    So? The post is aboutmartial arts. Not guns. @Barnardot
  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -  
    Mixed arts is the best for you use what works. Of course in the streets, don’t go for flashy high kicks, not only is it a waste of energy, it’s a good way to end up on the ground in a grappling situation.  I prefer boxing in a real fight on the streets for most people have little actual training and it works fast. If they appear know how to fight, using leg and knee blows and sweeps are good to use. Yet using those flashing show boating high kicks can get one into trouble. @MayCaesar
  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    @maxx ;So? The post is aboutmartial arts. Not guns. @Barnardot

    That’s right and that’s what I talked about so what is the point of your point being like der may be your a bit confusing.

  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -  
    no, the post was about which martial arts was best; not about guns.  learn to read and as well to spell. this is a debate site; not a site to write in kindergarten slang. @Barnardot
  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    @maxx There is no need to get offencive. I really think your getting like that because I beat your argument because you know that if you have a black belt in judo or ju jizu none of them is better because the realty is that some guy can just pull a trigger and full you full of leed so that  marital arts stuff means nothing in the real world or do you reckon that your going to run up the the hood and flip him over and grab his piece before he fills you with 10 rounds I doubt it so in the end your going to look like a colinder before you even touch him any way.
  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -  
    so what?  this isnt about how some one can pick up a gun and shoot someone. it is about martial arts. @Barnardot
  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    @maxx and what about martial law then do you think that they throw you on the ground when that happens no there going to full you full of holes that’s what happens .
  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -  
    what are you babbling about.  martial law is not martial arts.  do you profile yourself much?  what are you, a black male born in the mid to late 90s?  using words like der for "the" and other street slang on this site means you talk like that on the streets and everyday conversation.   @Barnardot
  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    @maxx so can you argue the point that I pointed out that a guy with a machine gun say is always win against the martial arts guy no you can’t do there for what your supposed to do is honor ably give in and say like hey barny your right I didn’t think of that and before you say some thing like a guy with a bomb is going to do the guy with the gun in that’s what you call the slippery slop because people don’t go round with bombs normally so there for you should have mentioned fire arms in the first place because it is like saying there’s more meet on a goose than on a chicken but so what there’s a zillion times more on a cow any way so why argue the point the point is it’s no use because your ignoring the reel issue.

  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -  
    I never mentioned guns. You did. What's wrong with you. @Barnardot
  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    @maxx ;I never mentioned guns. You did. What's wrong with you.

    And I never mentioned any thing about the black man in the 90s so so what any way it’s just that you reuse to argue the point that I pointed out about guns because you know your defeated on that point and your trying to get out of it by saying like your not allowed to say about guns when really who says so any way . Like white belt boy that’s who who can’t fight his way out of a paper bag that’s been all ready popped any way. 

  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -  
    no i aske if you were a black male born in the 90s.  just due to your sppeech patterns.. i know waht i am talking about when it comes to martial arts.  if you wish to talk about guns then create a ppost about it  @Barnardot
  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    @maxx so if I did a thing about guns are you going to say all right then while your firing off rounds I’m going to come up to you and trip you up and dis arm you like dog mess you will because you can’t do that when your leaking like a colinder and with your brain matter sprayed on the road so then you could do a topic about why marital arts is so totally useless and they only do those things like maming people on Jacki chan and Jason strathem movies. In real life that sort of stuff is totally use less nower days.
  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -  
    if you want to claim martial arts is useless, feel free.  i feel sorry for you if you meet someone who is proficient at it while you are not armed.  if you are standing close enough, i doubet you could pull it in time.  however, feel free to believe the opposite.  since you brought it up, i am free to ask you to prove why matial arts are useless.  @Barnardot
  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    @maxx I just did prove that marital arts is useless so you lost the argument any way and any way your argument about getting close is so lame that it’s lamer than lame. So if your got an ak47 right and Jackie chan calls out to you and says hay red neck come here close to me then you say why then Jackie says because I want to break your neck and fold you in half and throw you through the shop window before you can shoot. Like dog mess that’s ever going to be likely happen ING.
  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -  
    saying it is useless is not proof  @Barnardot
  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    @maxx Saying it is useless is not proof

    That’s right but you know I gave the proof so getting wierd again doesn’t do your brain much good by trying those dirty tricks again I reckon and any way I trupmed you good and properly because I made a topic about marital arts being real dum like it really is.

  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -  
    here is proof. step onto the ring unarmed with one who is proficent with one of the arts. i am sure you will change your story.  what do you have, a 8th grade education?  or have you ssen too many movies. did you know boxing is a martial arts?  mma?  even hard style karate or long style kung fu , if one is good at it can generaly beat some slob in the street who tjhinks he is tough.  @Barnardot
  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -  
    for your sake and others i hope you do not carry. it is those of your type who get killed or kill others for reasons of stupidity  @Barnardot
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