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"My problem with this debate (Australian Spirituality) specifically is that there doesn’t seem to be anything to debate here. Am I missing something?"

<<Yes, you are.>>

You see, the father is probably spiritually inclined, religious, and will attribute anything that can't be explained to being spiritual.
So he's ranting and raving about these Aboriginal Trackers (look it up) who presumably have spiritual powers to foresee or determine things.
So, our Abo friend puts a complete sudden stop to the religiously-inclined father by explaining that he does not have such powers and he had simply fallen off the truck.
OK, with me so far?
Now I could simply write a boring topic like, "Do Religious People Jump To Conclusions?".......but how la-dee-da boring and predictable would that be?
No....when I make a topic, I make sure that it smacks the reader in the face and satire just happens to be one of the tools I often use.

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