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Trumponomics explained: Why growth is going to take a while
in Politics

By agsragsr 861 Pts

CNBC published a detailed opinion on Trump's economics impact. Do you agree?
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  • I agree with this report.
  • I don't understand the point of the report.  It states that consumer confidence and business expectations are high, and will most likely lead to a much improved economy.  No one could change the economy overnight, and no one with any sense expected that.  It seems all they're saying is that initial indications are good and that a noticeably improved economy is coming.  What more could anyone expect?
  • inc4tinc4t 184 Pts
    I think this article is fairly unbiased and business sentiment focused - which is refreshing for a change.
    it is interesting that the market clearly priced in Trump-optimisim over future performance, and essentially it is way too soon to see the data. I like their "animil spirit" term.
  • The report is great.
  • agsragsr 861 Pts
    I like the report. It explains economics behind market sentiment that drove Trump optimism. While initial results are encouraging, that is really not a leading indicator and real change will take time. Next quarterly report will have a bit more credibility if shows positive numbers.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • I think the report is not completely self-consistent, since it lists the factors that may contribute to the rapid economical growth in the future, but do not list the factors which could prevent them from happening. For the tax cuts to work as intended, the governmental spending should be cut respectively - and this is not the case, as we see the governmental debt growing as fast it did during the Obama's terms. The debt cannot grow forever, and eventually the reckoning will come, as it does for all Ponzi schemes eventually.

    Economical optimism is a good thing and it has a positive effect on the economical growth - however it can quickly be replaced with pessimism and economical shrinkage, as the overheated economy with overvalued assets and overvalued ability of the government to pay for its programs has investors quickly pulling their assets out. This happened in 2008, and now it seems that Trump administration could be repeating Bush administration's mistake.

    Overall, I am optimistic with regards to the economy, and I think that Trump's term will end with the economy being in a better state than it was at the end of Obama's second term - although it is hardly an achievement, since Obama's terms were a disaster for the economy and it is not too hard for the economy to jump back at its feet with just minor adjustments to the insanely expensive federal programs.
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