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The Great Egg Debate - should you stop eating eggs
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By agsragsr 861 Pts
Argues that eating eggs are bad for you.

on the other hand, here is a pro-egg research - that argues how great it is to eat eggs.

Also Dr.Davis, creator of Wheat Belly diet is a strong proponent of eggs, making it a key part of his recommendation.

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    Eggs or No Eggs?

    5 votes
    1. Stop eating eggs now - that is a health risk
    2. Eat Eggs - it is great for your health
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  • As per the article, eggs have great qualities.  
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • agsragsr 861 Pts
    I am a fan of eggs and wheat belly diet. In my book: Carbs amd grain are bad, eggs and meat is good (especially organic).
    Live Long and Prosper
  • @agsr ; Personally, I prefer pork bellies to wheat belly with my eggs.
  • I am a big supporter of the Wheat Belly Diet. I have 2 hard boiled eggs everyday. 
  • ale5ale5 263 Pts
    I vote for all you can eat eggs. It is natural and has many important nutrients. I also advocate further that egg white doesn't make sense.
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