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Divinity of God

Debate Information

demons attracting the interest of human beings

The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to God's law, nor can it do so.

emphasis and implications:

1. based on textual explanations for sin and the sin nature, and other interpretations related to sin, the study recognizes people do not fundamentally understand spiritual death.

death;spiritual death implications and emphasis

 2. death is the loss of a capacity. spiritual death, is the loss of a or the Spiritual Capacity that charecterizes conduct, defined as nature, to which is prescribed all of the aspects of  emotional causes of behaviour,personality,perception of experience or thoughts,sciences stimulus (falsely explained as valence), inclination: the demonic desires which satanists lie about and term atavisms or aspects of self-consciousness which they falsely define as literal ( and idiotically) demon persons,  drive; sexual and archetypal (typical or good)
therefore, the loss of the spiritual capacity(when adam rebelled) dictates(and charecterizes) that sinful behaviour is charecteried by the loss of the Spiritual Capacity (defined as being born again) where the flesh influences the state of mind rather than what was intended that the Spirit influence the state of mind, and all born, defined as being "dead in the flesh" or sinful,fallen humans ( similar to fallen angels) who are primarily wicked and immoral; characterized by committing sins, 
 and can not submit to God's law as an inverted state of mind effected by the body, 
 [1] to which is prescribed all of the aspects of emotional causes of behaviour, thoughts, stimulus, inclination, drive sexual and archetypal(atypical), of the flesh, rather than the Spirit which orders the bodies desires, are unnatural and a form of slavery.

 therefore , spiritual inclinations are spiritual or of a Gods Spiritual nature defined as Holy (good) while fleshly inclinations are of (evil) not spiritual , carnal and destructive, self-interesed, wicked, banefull, or perfectly described by God as sin, and satanic which dictates satan has a physical body as do all the other fallen angels.
the mind is either influenced by the Spirit of God or the flesh of a person.

therefore the will of a person as the Bible would eloquently put it is the will of the Spirit of God as a base nature or the will of the flesh to which a person is spiritually dead and dead in all other respects.

because the carnal nature is the nature of demons, or the inverted nature, a nature where the base aspect of emotion is influenced by sin or spiritual death, demons are capable of tempting human beings to which is prescribed all of the aspects of the area's demons attempt to evoke to cause people to sin.
emphasis: fallacy

there are false claims that sin is the cause of sin, which are fundamentally ignorant. they treat sin as a personification and cause rather then as a consequence of spiritual death.

emotional causes of behaviour, thoughts, stimulus, inclination, drive sexual and archetypal,  are areas that science does not explain for purposes related to satanic intent.they describe valence as a cause, where the logical  inequality is not capable of determining a fundamental cause.

the knowledge of Good and evil is irrelavent, as the nature of man is the result of the Spirit of God or the sin nature, and therefore man is not a dual-natured creature which is heresy.the concept that man is equally good and equally evil is fallacy, as cognitive dissonance equaluates the nature's are incompatible and can not influence nature, singular.

the heart of a man is either the will of God or the will of the flesh.

The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to God's law, nor can it do so.

this is not to say that a person is , pure evil. pure evil rather charecteries an actual demon as the wish to inflict harm merely for the pleasure of doing so, or a nature that can not be converted, defined as calvinism.

demonic evocation of human beings:

just as humans evoke demons because of sin, demons attempt to evoke sinful traits to pursue possession of a host.posession is not explained to avoid the negative reality of what possession actually is.

demons evoke the primary area of desire. desire falls into the following category and subcategories:

lust [primary] or lusts [primary ] :

  - inverted sexuality: the desire to have sex for pleasure; demonic form of desire
  - inverted self-love : pride and the desire to love a person's self more than others defined by pagans as ego.
  - carnality: pleasure derived from all forms of lust and the desire of all forms of lust.
  - inverted hate: the inversion of love, where hate is a dimension that inverts love
  - murder: the desire to kill another person.
  - lust of the eyes: the artist or main cardinal trait of satan, defined as, an unnatural obsession with beauty and drawing or making of images ( Condemned and Prohibited by God) and hatred for anything wrongly accused of being ugly
  - idolotry: pursuing demons that live according to sinful traits and satanic desires: demons as arechetypical of demonic; not divine or of a divine nature; resembling human lust.
  - witchraft: man's religion of the self , final stage of the birth of sin. upon the practice of witchraft a human person become's a demon and are damned as the intention of witchraft is to become a demon.
  - drunkenss: the desire to intoxicate the body to produce a physical stimulus of euphoria

The Deity of God:

The Divinity of God is Perfect and Holy defined by Perfect Traits that nothing else is Capable Of:

they are,
 1.Love: A Trancendant State Of God's Mind of which only God is Capable of.
 2. Joy: A Trancendant State of God's mind of which only God is Capable of.
 3. Peace: A Trancendant State of God's Mind of which only God is Capable of 
 4. Long-Suffering: The Highest order or Divine Emotion and Deserving Reason Jesus Christ the Lord deserves human Worship.
 5. Gentleness: A Trancendant State of God's Mind to show Kindness despite being Infinte in all way's.
 6. Goodness:A Trancendant State of God's Mind to be Good in all of His Holy Way's.
 7. Faith:A Trancendant State of God's Mind to be King and Kind.
 8. Meekness: A Trancendant State of God's Mind to be Humble despite being God.
 9. Temprerence:A Trancendant State of God's Mind to be Capable of Total self-control.

OF Which Only JESUS CHRIST  AND THE TRINITY HAS EXHIBITED SINCE BEFORE TIME BEAGAN; ROMANS 3:23 KJV For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.


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