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Bye quackran

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pre-disambiguation of islam as satanism

 1. ) the study evaluates that abbreviations in arabic,that appear in satans quran abbreviated by "al" are a contraction or shortening of the name allah, where abbreviations in arabic, abbreviated by "al"
and hyphenated, treat the word allah as a plural pronoun that name more than one person, place, thing, or idea.

because allah is used as a reference for multiple person's with gender inclusive pronouns that are: epicene, feminine and masculine, and because in the context that each reference refers to a completely different individual, and because the 99 names of allah are epicene, feminine or masculine,and are used to refer to individuals, islam consists of a pantheon of 99 individual demons, where certain person's abbreviated by "al" are stated to be demons. based on the evaluation, islam is satanism and identical to satanism as a result.

 2. ) The study also evaluates that mohammed was not a prophet, but like cain, was an abdosel and in context, plagiarized and altered the Bible by including his own statements falsely posing as a prophet , which are 
 1. Contradictive to the Bible statements about God and Gods identity, therefore, mohammed is not a prophet of God but God's enemy, satan who is allah. 

satans quran 53:49 states allah is the star siruis, therefore allah is a creation. 

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