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Should speech be limited?

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I think absolutely not. I think we should always have the right to express our opinions, and the solution to hate speech is more speech, not less. Once you start limiting speech, you are discriminating against certain people with certain views, saying that they cannot express their views while others can. This becomes a dangerous slippery slope, with 'hate speech' laws being introduced, as has happened here in the UK, and in many parts of Europe. This closes society off to debate, because when people are not allowed to express their views, the government is giving the message that some views are unacceptable. You are well within your rights to disagree with someone, but not to silence what they say.
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  • @xlJ_dolphin_473

    Speech has natural limits.
    Speech has human boundaries.
    Saying anything you want is by Amendment to a fundamental truth dependent on where, and how it is said.
  • all4acttall4actt 270 Pts   -  
    I agree that hate speech laws limit a conversation.  It is a scary sign when a government starts micro managing it's population.  Telling them how to think and controlling how they express themselves.  

    I don't know how your laws work but I imagine whatever words or terms that they try to restrict will just be replaced with another term or word that has the exact meaning.

    Mean while the polaticians get to pat themselves on the back for job well done.  When really all they did was waste time and money on a law that will accomplish very little except to erode the rights of it's citizens 
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