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What Are The Similarities......

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. . . . . . between drug addiction and religious addiction?

We all know that drugs are an important part of medicine but we are talking here of the habitual overuse of drugs for other than what they were originally intended.

We also know that most users of religion give their belief no more than lip service, just in case or to keep the family happy but again we are talking of those who are besotted by their faith to the point of delusion and other associated maladies.

So what are the similarities?

 * Drug and religious addicts will usually have an underlying problem which brought them to their addiction in the first place.

 * After the initial rush of euphoria, in each case, the victim is always craving to achieve that great high.

 * The victim, despite perhaps acting outwardly to others, is invariably self-centered and self-caring.

 * In both cases, there is usually a pusher or supplier involved who takes advantage of the victim's cravings solely for his or her own benefit.

 * Addicts are in a constant state of delusion thinking that he or she is the norm whilst everybody else is either wrong and/or crazy.

 * Withdrawal is difficult and despite effective therapy, it is not uncommon for patients to regress to their old bad habits.

These are obviously just a few cases of similarities but what differences are there?

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