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so what if I break the rules

Debate Information

adversus satanum: you pissed off the wrong angel

Pre-disambiguation of incarnation and avatar

the pre-disambiguation covers incarnations and avatars for the purpose of identifying that satan,lilith and other demons have at certain times, become incarnate, inutero.

During the inutero process when a spirit is placed within a body, God breathes the breath of life in a child, who becomes a living person. The child , at that point receives a spirit.because the body receives a spirit inutero, the demons had figured out a long time ago that their own spirit,could be a substitute for a spirit of a body or the spirit that would be the spirit of a body and could dwell on earth.

lilith has had a total of: 26 incarnations throughout history.

satan has had a total of 14 incarnations as a male and 18 incarnations as a female.

list of incarnations:

adolf hitler (1889-1945) satan

joseph stalin (1878-1953) satan

vlad the impaler (1431-1476/77) satan

pol pot (1925-1998) satan

heinrich himmler (1900-1945) satan

saddam hussein (1937-2006) satan

idi amin (1952-2003) satan

ivan the terrible (1530-1584) satan

leopold (1835-1909) satan

kim sung (1912-1994), kim jong-il (1941-2011) and kim jong-un (born 1983) satan

ayatollah ruhollah khomeini (1902-1989) satan

nero satan

genghis khan satan

mao zedong satan

maximilien robespierre (1758-1794) satan

dialectical analysis of the qlippoth:

beelzebub: avatar of satan

astaroth: avatar of satan

baal: avatar of satan

lilith: female avatar of satan

samael: avatar of satan: dragon

asmodeus: avatar of satan: succubus

the fallen lucifer: satans spirit



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