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The Right To Die

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Son: Hey Mum. I wouldn't like to grow up in China.

Mother: Why would that be dear?

Son: Well, all these religious politicians on TV keep saying that they don't like youth in Asia.

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  • anarchist100anarchist100 680 Pts   -  
    Perhaps people who would deny others the right to decide whether they live or die should try euthanasia themselves to see that it's not that bad, in fact, let's give it to them as a gift, and make it a surprise.
  • dallased25dallased25 314 Pts   -  
    I take this subject seriously because of my grand father who died of lung cancer. At the end of his life, he was a 82lbs mostly because the cancer had spread to his spine a year prior and paralyzed him from the waist down and his legs shriveled down to pretty much bone. He was completely bed ridden about 3 months before he died, in considerable pain every single day and coughing up liquified portions of his own lungs, along with blood and mucus consistently. Even the maximum morphine drip didn't help. He actually asked my dad if he could end his life because he was in so much pain. Obviously that's illegal and my dad just couldn't do it, even if he wanted to, also partially because he was a christian and didn't believe in that. But after seeing what some diseases do to the body, I'm reminded of scenes from Breaking Bad and Dexter dealing with cancer. Surviving isn't the only thing that matters. What good is surviving if you are too sick to work, too sick to enjoy a meal, to make love (Breaking Bad). If I'm ever in a situation where I'm in stage 4 with a terminal diagnosis...I'll enjoy my time without pills, without radiation treatment or chemo...then I'll decide when I go. There's something to be said about dying with grandfather couldn't even control his own bowels at the end and was basically waiting to die to end the suffering. Suffering isn't living and I'd rather die than live just to suffer. 
  • JoeKerrJoeKerr 286 Pts   -  
    @dallased25 ;
    Can't disagree with anything you said. 
    We show more consideration to our pets if they are seriously ill and suffering. 
    We have them humanely put down to end their suffering.
    People should have the right to end their life if living becomes insufferable.
  • No one can prevent any free, mobile and half way intelligent person from killing him or her self.

    The few who do not fit that description should be helped and encouraged to their freedom of choice.

    I would suggest to any who would disagree to watch the movie, --- They shoot horses don't they.

    It demonstrates how in a worse case scenario, a true friend will kill his friend, when the suffering is too much.

  • OakTownAOakTownA 366 Pts   -  
    I could not agree with you more. Watching her mother (my grandmother) die of lung cancer convinced my mom that people should be allowed to determine when they die. I do think that there should be regulations in place preventing people who are suicidal from being able to end their life, like having a medical and psychiatric doctor or clinician okay it. I was able to put my beloved cat to sleep after she had a stroke that paralyzed her, and significantly reduced her quality of life. As she was 19, a very old age for a cat, I opted to end her misery. (If she had been younger, and simply paralyzed, I would have asked the vet if we could get her a mobility device.) It seems criminally cruel that we let our fellow human beings suffer in a way we would never tolerate if the same thing happened to our pets.
  • SwolliwSwolliw 1458 Pts   -   edited September 17
    No one can prevent any free, mobile and half way intelligent person from killing him or her self.

    @OaktownA @dallased @GnosticChristian @dallased25

    That's quite right and should be the cornerstone of any sensible and unbiased debate on the issue. 

    Appealing to personal circumstances is grossly unfair and unproductive in any debate, especially one such as this. I lost my mother recently (at the mall :) ) but I earnestly try to argue objectively. Similarly, if (heaven forbid) one of my daughters was brutally assaulted and murdered, I would vehemently want to get my hands on the perpetrator and tear him from limb to limb despite my views on capital punishment.

  • jackjack 45 Pts   -  

    For all the reasons cited above, I thank God that I am a resident in a right to die state..


  • jackjack 45 Pts   -  
    No one can prevent any free, mobile and half way intelligent person from killing him or her self.
    Hello G:

    Nahhh..  Suicide is HARD..  What??  You're gonna shoot yourself, slit your wrists??  Take an overdose??  How many pills are an overdose, anyway?  Where you gonna get 'em?  What happens if you take too few??

    In MY state, you're given the CORRECT amount of drugs, by a physician, after you've received whatever therapy is needed.

  • SwolliwSwolliw 1458 Pts   -  
    I thank God that I am a resident in a right to die state..

    I hardly think you would be thanking God for the right to die given that said invisible master condemns such a despicable act. Don't worry though because He is good at it...apparently he kills everyone so all you need to do is to pray for Him to drop a piano on you....done deal.

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