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How Is Religion Utilised?

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As we all (should) know, religion is a mere skeleton of what it used to be. People are leaving Churches in droves and most of those who call themselves Christians give no more than lip service to their faith.
For example, a recent census in Australia showed that less than 14% of Catholics regularly attend Church. There is a notable increase in followers of Islam which is set to be the predominant religion worldwide very soon. Like Christianity however, Islam is doomed to failure and decline as more people in developing countries (predominantly Muslim) become better educated and have more freedoms.

So, where does that leave religion now? A utility, rather than a code of life. If one wants to follow a pre-structured lifestyle we have better options such as Buddhism for example, (which, strictly speaking, is not a religion anyway).
Given that religion has gained an unenviable reputation for human rights violations and corruption over the centuries, we can pretty well guess how religious users usurp such a utility. Let's unpack this scintillating concept and look at some examples of the utilitarian nature that is now religion.

  * Religious Preachers: The want of power has always been a great motivator for mankind. Those who preach religion are usually well educated and know very well that what they dictate to their followers is a load of unmitigated, speculative crap. But these people know, like all others who crave power, that their easiest path is to tread over the weak, i.e. those who are naive and gullible enough to believe the lies that they preach.

  * Phobias: Those with psychological weaknesses such as phobias are drawn to the sympathy that religious institutions appear to show to such victims. Instead of dealing with their fears, of course, Churches make these people feel at home with their phobias and exploit that for all its worth. For example, we have discussed homophobia in this forum ad finitum to realise that one of the big problems with religious institutions is that they harbour anti-social behaviour.

  * Bigotry: This ugly facet of religion, of course, stems from phobias and other negative social behaviours and attitudes held by followers. Here we see religion being fully utilised. Not only can bigots feel free to exercise their "right to faith" in devious ways but also incite hatred against others all in the name of God and of their Church. Take a look at some of the unsavoury comments by theists in this forum and we see gratuitous hatred hurled at gays, abortionists, right to die advocates, other religions, in fact, any group in society that doesn't comply with their own devious standards.

  * Status: This utilisation of religion is wearing rather thin by now since Churches, for example, have well and truly lost all of the sheen they used to project on society. This could be that the upper classes in society nowadays look towards money as a status since religious institutions have lost a good deal of their influence and power. Still, for the common folk I suppose there are some who fall for the old line, "Oh look, there go the Jones's. They are such wholesome, honest, good people and go to Church every week you know...they are good Christians". 
Well, I'm afraid that those last two words now contradict each other and hardly cut the mustard in the credibility stakes nowadays. It's more the case now if you are a confessed Christian, that, as you walk past the water cooler at work, your fellow colleagues gathered around it suddenly fall silent and stare at the ceiling.

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  • maxxmaxx 669 Pts   -   edited November 2020
  • SwolliwSwolliw 937 Pts   -  

    And once again you have excelled your self with such an in-depth retort full of comprehensive facts and evidence.
    But you are right I must say. Really there is nothing more that one can add to my accurate and highly informed account of how religion is utilised, so, nothing is a very apt answer. 
  • maxxmaxx 669 Pts   -  
    one thing that i am curious about, is you seem to troll your questions only about religion and i was wondering if you are incapable of producing any thing worth while in other genres such as science.@Swolliw
  • SwolliwSwolliw 937 Pts   -  
    one thing that i am curious about, is you seem to troll your questions only about religion and i was wondering if you are incapable of producing any thing worth while in other genres such as science.

    I don't troll and never have done so.
    I am not a scientist but I am very well read in religion which is why I write constructive posts regarding the truth about religion. Yes, it is ugly but you shouldn't shoot the messenger.
    It is those who lie about religion and abuse it for their own sake (i.e.theists) then go posting their nefarious views who are the trolls.
    And I suppose you get those who simply contribute nothing but make sneering remarks from the sidelines who are also trolls.
  • maxxmaxx 669 Pts   -  
    actually you are considered a troll for you are trolling the religious aspect of this site without applying yourself to any other genre. There are many genres on this site yet you are constantly using only one. I myself ask many questions on philosophy, , evolution etc long before you appeared. Just a word, be careful on what you copy and paste with out giving credits for the terms of services are not being strongly enforced and one individual has already been banned.@Swolliw
  • SwolliwSwolliw 937 Pts   -  
    actually you are considered a troll 

    Yes, by you, but then you are incorrect for the reasons I stated.
  • maxxmaxx 669 Pts   -  
    well, not by me, but by definition. However if you wish to make your own definition up as to what you are doing, then feel free to do so. @Swolliw
  • SwolliwSwolliw 937 Pts   -  
    well, not by me, but by definition. However if you wish to make your own definition up as to what you are doing, then feel free to do so.

    There's where you get caught up in being too simplistic. I know what you mean but there is plenty of scope for me to reply that I am not a being in Scandinavian folklore. Nor am I in the habit of going out fishing in a slow-moving boat.
    We are all guilty of trolling, given the broad definition in this case. So be it. The site discourages it but what the heck, sometimes you need to fight fire with fire and if you wish to go on a website such as Kiara to debate, then fine, if you want to be a stuffed shirt. Then there's Debateart, but then you have to be string puppet. has gone completely down the gurgler, being overrun by the two most notorious forum r souls. So, over all, I think this site has a fair balance and yes, I am colorful by choice but my morals and heart are in the right place.
  • maxxmaxx 669 Pts   -   edited November 2020
    Granted, i find it very hard to believe in any of the religions we have in this world; however that does not exclude a creator we know nothing about. A computer simulation? I don't know. I wont rule it out. Quantum mechanics suggests that everything is but consciousness therefore we may be nothing but cells inside a brain of a biological being. Far-fetched? maybe. Everything coming from nothin is just as far-fetched.  The so-called big-bang may have been nothing more than some sort of plant sprouting and we among the rest of the universe are simply inside of it as it grows; similar to cells in an oak tree .You must understand that the universe is only huge due to our miniscule size to it. What i am saying is that no one really knows. My best guess is we will find more answers in the realm of quantum mechanics. It has been shown that the reality that we see in our macro world does not exist as it really is. A god who sits upon a throne? Probably not. Yet there are many other ways this universe may have been created by "something" . As well i suggest you look into quantum mechanics, at least on the 101 level. It has been said that the universe is not only consciousness but it carries with it a type of energy in which both just fills the universe and life forms absorbs both, in where it gives  life to biological beings as well as consciousness to the biological beings with brains. Many people refuse to accept such ideas for it is not what they grew up with and are too dogmatic to change their way of thinking. I do not know, yet it is better to seek and discover than stay with-in the bounderies of a closed mind..  It is better to look and be wrong than not to look and never know.@Swolliw
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