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Do you think kids should be shown nudity on family programming? Most rational people say no!

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If you think we should have rating systems for the protection of our children from mature subject matter, why don't you use that same logic when it comes to two men kissing on family programming? Millions of parents believe that Homosexuality is an unnatural sexual orientation, and parents do not want our kids being influenced by things that go against Science.

Biology teaches us how our bodies are designed. It teaches us nature's design when it comes to the Penis and Vagina. This is the only science children should be learning. When they grow up, they can decide for themselves if they want to ignore science and follow some other sexual orientation.

You say that Homosexuality is a part of life and we should have no restrictions to kids seeing two men kissing on family oriented TV programming.

Wait a minute, nudity and sex are also a part of life, so why do we have rating systems to protect our kids from seeing it? Oh, I keep forgetting, LGBT acgtivists now have the power of the Democrat Party. They can force their doctrine through our courts no matter what parents think.

I wonder why these activist groups have no respect for people who disagree with their doctrine? Why do you refuse to allow parents the right to teach our kids how science and our natural sexuality is suppose to be? Why are you so blatantly arrogant when undermining a parent's right to teach our children the natural order to life?

One word! INSECURITY! You are so insecure about your sexual orientation, that you must force all people to bow to what you call the new age science of political correctness. You know in your heart that it is not the natural order to how we are designed, so you think by forcing everyone to agree with you, that you will feel better about yourselves.
Sorry, but that is not how life works. I am a Christian, and secure with who I am and what I believe. I need not force you to agree.

I would never try to go behind your back and indoctrinate your child with Christian salvation messages on commercials and family programming. We respect your right to raise your child as you see fit. We do not try to come into your homes, and behind your backs indoctrinate your children. Why do you lack the same respect for Christian diversity? Why do our beliefs mean nothing to you when it comes to family programming and our children?

We do not try to force every public school to have Christian appreciation day. Why is it LGBT groups get to force publc schools to have Gay aprreciation days? Do you see what is happening in America? We are losing our freedoms to disagree with the Big Brother Collective.

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