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Are you seeing the disdain Democrats have for half the nation's voters?

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Democrats are screaming for the removal of Trump with only two weeks to go in his Presidency! They have been trying to remove him from office for four years, and here they are still trying to do so in the last two weeks! This is truly unadultrated hate! They wonder why so many Americans do not trust them?

Wouldn't you think that if they cared at all for the feelings of half of this nation, they would not be treating Trump supporters as evil mobs, as if we condone breaking into the White House. Fake news to the very end.
Trump never told his followers to storm the White House. This is Leftwing fake news as always.

Did Democrats tell their Black Lives Matter supporters to riot and destroy innocent people's homes and businesses? Where was the media when it came to Democrats inciting riots? Silence, pure silence. Biased media treats Democrats like they are pure as snow, never putting the blame of division and rioting at their feet.

Hey Democrats, words, or lack of words, do matter and Joe Biden's silence while cities across America burned with riots, says it all. These riots were indeed incited by Democrat's who sensationalized every cop shootings, purely for politics and the Black vote.

The hypocrisy from the Left is truly nauseating.

You would think Trump was leading the charge to the White House himself. Get real and stop playing hate Trump politics. How about healing this nation and actually addressing all the concerns of Trump voters? Nah, you only listen when it comes to your voting blocks. We spend the entire year listening to Black Lives Matters. They painted the name "Black Live's Matter" across the NBA Basketball courts. Everyone is onboard with the demands of these groups. You sent the message that riots and destruction works!

But when it comes to the anger from half of the nation's voters on the Right, there is no action to understand what would cause the riot from fringe groups. No worries of all the biased media supporting Biden's election. No worries of all the mail in ballots flooded into the inner cities when election laws say you can't do this.
You do not care an ounce for the concerns of half this nation. We want non biased elections and laws that does not favor one side! You are not trying to understand the feelings of these rioters like you do when your African American voting block riots.

IT'S ALL POLITICS, and truly sickening listening to these same people calling for Trump's removal for simply having the nerve to state the fact of all the bias in our media, and the changing of our election laws to help Biden win. Democrats did not concede Trump's election his entire term and are STILL trying to remove him.

Trump just gave a great speech denouncing this riot on the White House. He wants healing but Democrats want division and hate as always.

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  • JustAnAllMightFanJustAnAllMightFan 489 Pts   -   edited January 8
    Trump literally lead his supporters to do an attempted coup lmao is this satire?
  • We_are_accountableWe_are_accountable 889 Pts   -  

    Wow! If that is true then Democrats led Black Live Matter rioters into those privtae neighborhoods to loot and burn.
  • anarchist100anarchist100 215 Pts   -   edited January 8
    Actually I support these trumpies over the black lives matter protesters! They just burned people businesses, these guy are attacking the tyrant dictators!
  • PlaffelvohfenPlaffelvohfen 2140 Pts   -  
    Contempt for Trump and his enablers is a patriotic necessity...

    Disdain at the 70 million who voted for them would be misplaced, they need help getting out of the cult they were conned in...
    " Adversus absurdum, contumaciter ac ridens! "
  • Debater123Debater123 272 Pts   -   edited January 8
    @We_are_accountable I have seen and experienced it. Although republicans are similar albeit less.
  • We_are_accountableWe_are_accountable 889 Pts   -  

    Seen and experienced what?

  • Debater123Debater123 272 Pts   -  

    Seen and experienced what?

  • TreeManTreeMan 51 Pts   -  
    half the nation's voters have listened to and believe fake news spread by trump and his lying republican cronies
    you call democrats villains? Then how would you describe trump? As a rich truckload of $H!T who cares nothing about the environment and the poor? He says that he can emphasize with the poor, and cares about them. That's like, the best joke of the century. He just wants to exploit his uneducated supporters
  • @TreeMan

    You are the perfect example of the Left. You read what we tell you about Democrats inciting the riots in so many cities across America, and do you say they are bad as well?

    No, you go onto the usual hate trump tirade and giving Democrats a pass.

    This mentality of hate from the Left is part of the reason these fringe groups rioted. You and all the Trump haters helped incite this riot at the White House.

    Let's start putting the blame on all who had a part in this.
  • piloteerpiloteer 1111 Pts   -   edited January 10

    As soon as the democratic voters call for the violent overthrow of the government and to disregard the constitution, then I will hold as much disdain for them. I will speak up when being anti-fascist makes one a terrorist, and point out that it is YOU fascists who are the terrorists who want to disregard the constitution and violently overthrow the government, not the democrats. 


  • mickygmickyg 207 Pts   -  
    i actually know republicans who are not
    so why would i have disdain for them?
  • TreeManTreeMan 51 Pts   -  
    ok then
    from what i have 'heard' from you, whenever someone talks about trump, you respond with a personal argument
    why do you believe the republicans? what do you agree with them that makes you so supportive of trump and his supporters?

    i support the dems mainly because they actually listen to science and care about the environment. Trump has done nothing but trash nature, and condemning those who believe in climate change, which is obviously real and a threat to every living being.
    Plus, when Obama left office and handed Trump a number of folders of information, one of them was a guide to how to deal with pandemics and disease outbreaks. Trump trashed this. if he actually listened to it, the US would be in a much better state then it was right now.

    BTW i never said the democrats were perfect. Personally, i don't agree with some of Joe Biden's views (i would prefer Bernie Sanders). However, overall, he is better than trump. 
  • bygonebabebygonebabe 2 Pts   -  
    The Democrats are not simply trying to remove him because they want him gone in this last week, they want to prevent him from running again. 

    I agree about hypocrisy on both sides.  There has been disdain for Trump voters for 4 years and it’s not going to go away with Biden.
  • @bygonebabe

    You are correct. Democrats fear Trump's 70 million voters and want to prevent him from running again. It's sickening authoritarian control for Democrats trying to harm anyone in their way from a Socialistic tranformation of America.
  • @TreeMan

    I understand that some people support Democrats because they agree with the non stop fear mongering and sky is falling rhetoric from activist environmentalists for the past 70 years.

    I agree we should have common sense environmental policies, but you do not single out Americans to pay for all this ban fossil fuel nonsense, giving our competition in other nations, such as China and Russia, a free ride. If America must pay exorbitant electric rates, and hurting our businesses with regulatory mandates from so called Climate Change, then ALL nations must be under the same rules!

    What I am saying s that there are priorities when it comes to electing politicians.

    Do you want America becoming Socialist? This is where Democrats are taking this nation. 100% for sure! One step at a time!

    Democrats support aborting any baby, for any reason, at any stage, up to birth. Do viable babies mean so little to you?

    Democrats play non stop identity politics, only pandering to their voting blocks! Do you like be treated like you do not exist?

    Believe me, there are much more important issues then the urgency of so called Climate Change, which the environmentalists once called "Global cooling", Global warming", etc.

    These environmentalists have changed their toon so many times, no one should take them seriously. Technology will be what solves the problem of green house gasses in our atmosphere. They will find a way of collecting these gasses and someday using it for a power sourse. You watch!

    In the mean time, don't destroy our nation with Socialism as they did in Venezuela.
  • TreeManTreeMan 51 Pts   -  
    i would have a huge argument with you on whether climate change is urgent or not, and whether it is real, but i fear that however logical and convincing i may be in my arguments i would not win you over
    i respect this

    but again, you have no proof on the fact that democrats are making the US socialist
    just because they are pro abortion doesn't mean they're socialist
    can you tell me some things that democrats believe and want to be implements to be socialist?
    thank you

    BTW i never said i agree with democrats on everything
    no party is perfect, no party will ever be perfect
    it's a non-stop compromise between different voter groups
    i say it should be legal to abort a baby up to 6 weeks of pregnancy, not until they are born
    i oppose abortion of the baby when it is older than 7 to 8 weeks

  • @TreeMan

    You see what you just did? You confirmed my last post to you on the other debate.

    You say it should not be legal to abort viable babies in late term. Then why do you elect the very people tied to feminist groups, who vow to keep it legal to do so? These Democrats even want to end the Hyde amendment which protects prolife people from paying for abortions! This is how arrogant they have become!

    You say no Party is perfect. Yes I know that no Party is perfect, but when a Party supports dismembering viable babies for any reason, this goes beyond not being perfect! It is inhuman!

    Democrats are planning to make Washington DC another State! They want to end the fillibuster rule! They want to create more Supreme court Justice seats!
    Their goal is to ban fossil fuel no matter how much our electric rates go up.

    They want to put illegal immigrants on our Social Programs, giving them free healthcare!

    They want to impeach Trump for believing the election was stolen from him with all the biased media and absentee ballot rule changes without Legislature approval!
    They have been trying to impeach him his entire term in office. Trump was the one man trying to take America back from these extremists. This is why they so hated him.

    These Democrats have become Leftwing extremists who want to control our lives.

    You call this not being perfect? Come on! You should be very afraid when a corrupt Federal Governent believes it has the power to control your speech and how you think. If you do not agree with the Collective, you will be punished!
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