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Rather telling how quiet the Republican “patriots” on here are regarding recent events in the US?

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Where is the outrage and condemnation from the Republican “hero’s” on here who wail and whine about leftists morning , noon , and night?


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  • DeeDee 3307 Pts   -   edited January 8
    In fairness credit must go also to Republicans who condemned this outrage ......

    Republicans who have been clear in their condemnation of the message the president has been spreading include Representative Nancy Mace, who said his accomplishments in office "were wiped out today".

    She tweeted: "Don't spread toxic disinformation and act surprised when people take it literally."

    One of the president's closest allies in Congress, Senator Lindsey Graham, said "enough is enough".

    Representative Liz Cheney told Fox News: "The president incited the mob. He lit the flame."

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did not condemn Mr Trump. But in a tweet, he described the protesters as "criminals".

    Meanwhile, there have been resignations following the shocking scenes on Capitol Hill.

    Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump's chief of staff and a former White House press secretary, decided to quit, as did Deputy National Security Adviser Matt Pottinger, White House Social Secretary Rickie Niceta and Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews.

  • piloteerpiloteer 1111 Pts   -   edited January 8

    I try not to make predictions about the future because it could backfire and make me look less than smart. So I will say that I would find it very surprising if traditional republicans (neo-conservatives) were able to shed the influence of donald trump and the tea party (populist/paleo-con/alt-right) from its platform and return to a "traditional" republican platform.

    That being said, there is a lot of talk about Liz Cheney being a strong candidate for the 2024 republican ticket. But it is my belief that she will need to bring something new to the party for them to keep the multitude of blue collar voters that either supported the democrats before trump, or they didn't vote at all, but are now firmly on the side of trump. I'm befuddled as to what new ideas she could bring to keep those voters, but that doesn't mean no new ideas exist.      
  • MichaelElpersMichaelElpers 658 Pts   -  
    @piloteer. They may not need to bring new ideas, I think over the next 4 years Republicans will hate the dem. Candidate and united similar to how trump was hated even though no one really seems to like joe.
  • piloteerpiloteer 1111 Pts   -  

    Tis true, but will the republicans be able to get as many people as exited to vote as trump could? Hate him or not, it's going to be exceedingly difficult to outdo the fervent support trump garnered for the republicans. If I were a candidate who was told by my campaign staff that I should just rely on the republicans hatred of the democratic candidate, I would fire them on the spot and get an affective campaign staff instead. It would be a very anticlimactic outcome for the republicans to have a candidate who is only interested in picking up where George Bush Jr left off. That won't have any appreciable impact.    
  • MichaelElpersMichaelElpers 658 Pts   -  
    @piloteer. It's hard for me to say how much widespread support he had.  Certainly he had a lot of supporters that really liked him but how many of those would have voted for a republican anyway.
  • piloteerpiloteer 1111 Pts   -   edited January 9

    I think the majority would have voted for a republican anyway. But trump certainly did break barriers because he appealed to people who were so disenfranchised that they just didn't vote at all before trump showed up. He was able to get them on board with his agenda when traditional republicans would not have wanted to do or say the things he did to be able to appeal to them. Who in the republican party actually would have called for a freeze on immigrants from Muslim countries before trump? Mitt Romney, Bush, or John McCain would most certainly not have called for that policy because they wanted to appeal to moderates, while trump was banking on the new constituents he was able to appeal to. Perhaps many of them would still stick around if trump didn't run again, but it's equally possible that many of those newfound ardent supporters would just go back to being disenfranchised non-voters, or just vote for, or create other fringe parties.

     Admittedly though, it's purely speculation on our parts. I cannot claim to actually know what will happen with the republican party if it doesn't have trump as a major player, and other unforseen circumstances could change the scenario wildly. But I think that if Liz Cheney portrays herself as a moderate republican whose running on a "return to normal" platform, the republicans will not take the Whitehouse in 2024. She would need to push the narrative that the republicans had the Whitehouse stolen from them, and she would by no means allow that to happen. She would also need to make previous republicans look bad for not being able to overturn roe v wade or Obama care. I'd be willing to bet the whole "compassionate conservative" stance that George W Bush ran on for his first term would be a losing strategy. Liz would need to have some fierce rhetoric because she can't come across looking like she's gonna play nice with the democrats.           
  • MichaelElpersMichaelElpers 658 Pts   -  
    @piloteer I agree, I don't want the joe biden of Republicans.  Return to normal isn't a platform, I want to see what policies you have in mind.
  • DeeDee 3307 Pts   -  

    Interesting times ahead , I once predicted when Trump got in that the US has gone down the road of absurdity and possibly next president would be female as in Kim Kardashian ....my wife tells me her husband is running in the next election 
  • piloteerpiloteer 1111 Pts   -  
    Dee said:

    Interesting times ahead , I once predicted when Trump got in that the US has gone down the road of absurdity and possibly next president would be female as in Kim Kardashian ....my wife tells me her husband is running in the next election 
    He ran in this election. Though, there's talk of a divorce between them right now I guess. 
  • DeeDee 3307 Pts   -  

    I didn’t know that .....Kim might do a solo run for the presidency lol
  • JaceJace 148 Pts   -  

    in fairness they are all exploiting the opportunity to put political distance between themselves and a dying regime.
  • JaceJace 148 Pts   -   edited January 9
    predictably telling, as it has been for democrats being outraged at the 'violent mob' and 'seditious traitors'. it's politics, so stop expecting consistency and principled conviction.
  • piloteerpiloteer 1111 Pts   -   edited January 9

    @piloteer I agree, I don't want the joe biden of Republicans.  Return to normal isn't a platform, I want to see what policies you have in mind.
    I would not be a welcome candidate on any republican party ticket. I'm a classical liberal who is mostly influenced by the philosophy of Ayn Rand and Friedrich Hayek. I'm basically a progressive green libertarian who supports womens right to choose. I'm a headache inducing fiscal conservative whose economic ideals are far to conservative for the modern republican party. I'm also far to liberal on social issues to be considered a viable republican candidate. And I'm hyper-progressive on environmental issues. I would possibly be considered an antipublican by many organic republicans. But at the risk of looking foolish because I'm not sure if your interest in policies I'd like to see was facetious, I'll go ahead anyway.

    It would be very disingenuous for me to claim to know what the political landscape would look like in 2024, so I'll just tell you what I would do ff I were being sworn in in 2021. 

    In my first week in office I would declare an emergency regarding covid-19, and I would make industry leaders in medical care focus all their resources on making all the necessary products needed for making the vaccine available to as many people possible, as quickly as possible. I would use whatever legal tactics I had at my disposal to enforce mask wearing and social distancing, but that probably wouldn't go to far because individual states would resist and I wouldn't want to step on their toes. 

    In my first month in office, I would push congress to reallocate some of the military budget and some of the federal funds used for maintenance of fossil fuel plants, and nuclear plants and invest in research for clean energy. I would make it my administrations goal to make every household in the country self reliant for energy, and basically take everybody off the grid. 

    In my first month, I would press the military on ways we could threaten Russia and China for their roles in their disinformation campaigns they are waging on the US right now, and their constant hacking of government agencies and private entities. I would consider cyber attacks that would periodically take down internet access in their larger cities. I would keep the possibility of an EMP attack on the table, and I would publicly address the fact that at this very moment the US has the capability to thwart any nuclear launch by them, but they do not have the same capability with us. I would publicly announce that the US is now the only true nuclear power at this very moment. I would make it clear that the US is willing to escalate the force if they do not stop hacking and disinformation immediately. 

    I would use this military tactic for two reasons. Obviously the first one is to make our cyberspace safe from attack for our government and private businesses. The second reason would be to unite the country together against a common threat that affects every American. The US should not allow these attacks to occur. I would let our American citizens know that they are ALL victims of cyber attacks by those countries and it's time we remind those countries that the US is still the largest economy on earth, with the largest military budget, and the most capable military on earth, and we intend to remain that way forever. I would also demand that China immediately cease and desist building military installations in international waters.         

    I would press congress to pass legislation that would decrease the cost of living for all Americans, like lowering or eliminating the minimum wage. I would call for a way to opt-out of social security also. I would also make our national debt a top priority. I would try (and probably fail) to top Bill Clinton's balanced budget by balancing an even higher budget. 

    For the sake of the safety of our men and women in blue, and for the sake of those who fear them, I would call for changes in police training and engagement. I can't pretend that I am privy to what methods would be best to use that wouldn't anger the police force or the public, but I would find people who could come up with viable ideas. 

    I would move the US embassy out of Israel and I would recognize Palestinian people as a legitimate country and demand they be allowed to vote. 

    I would hold federal funds from state and private colleges who do not allow a free speech policy. I would also lift any support for the unions that college professors are aligned with. I would make it my goal to make college intuition affordable for even the poorest citizens. I would do everything in my power to make state owned colleges far more competitive than private colleges. 

    I would lift any federal rules regarding union rights to bargaining. 

    I would make the department of health stop barring people from becoming doctors for the sake of making doctors purposely scarce so they can make more money. 

    Those are some of the policies I'd try to implement. If you have any questions on any other stances or policies I'd implement, please visit my website or donate to my campaign  at www.presidenteer.org/2024/MAKEAMERICAF U C KINGSUPERAWESOME. I hope I can count on your support.                     
  • mickygmickyg 207 Pts   -  
    ARE YOU CHRISTIAN?@piloteer
  • TreeManTreeMan 51 Pts   -  
    those are great steps you are implementing
    however, i personally would make masks and such mandatory in indoor places(apart from gyms) as well as outdoor events where the 15 metre social distancing cannot be met
    furthermore, i would recommend using a high quality reusable mask, which you wash every 2-3 days
    i would also cancel all flights to the US, unless they are returning US citizens and immigrants, and also instigate a 14 day self isolation period in a hotel if they come from the UK or south africa

    after covid, i will try to implement a version of the green new deal, and invest in green energy, as well as try to attempt to raise the energy efficiency of homes, as well as make it essential to have solar panels on new houses with a sunny disposition(this will definitely be strongly apposed by republicans, and some democrats)
    I will cut government funding to fossil fuel companies, and use that extra money to give to provide money for green energy and recycling research alongside funding to those industries.
    i will also significantly lower taxes to these industries, as well as farms using sustainable farming practises (complex information on sustainable agriculture will be on the government website, free for all to see)
    i will also go back to the Paris climate agreement, and re-impose laws protecting native plants, animals and forests, as well as new ones that protect a wider variety of species

    i will also completely cut all government funding to places of worship
    i will also build more schools 
  • TreeManTreeMan 51 Pts   -  
    i think i went way overbudget
  • janesixjanesix 105 Pts   -  

    Kinda like how the liberals weren't outraged at all during the entire summer of liberal riots and burning and looting.
  • piloteerpiloteer 1111 Pts   -  
    mickyg said:
    ARE YOU CHRISTIAN?@piloteer
    Could my answer possibly change your opinions of my fictional policies? If so, how and why?
  • piloteerpiloteer 1111 Pts   -  

    It would be my business as president to uphold the constitution to the best of my ability. Therefore, I would not try to impose national laws regarding face masks, because they could and would be disputed by many states, and the office of the presidency has not the authority to do such a thing anyway. 

    I'm not quite sure which government funding for churches you speak of, but so long as that government funding is legal, I would not hold any back. It would not be the purpose of my administration to treat peaceful religious institutions as enemies of the state. Being that my administration would be devoted to the fundamentals of the ideals of liberty for all which is espoused in the constitution, I would not try to make religious people second class citizens. I would also not try to impose rules regarding gyms or restaurants when those rules should be addressed by the state's themselves.  

    I would certainly not close our borders to try and keep out a virus that is already well established in the country anyway. We are SO far beyond the tactic of confinement when it comes to covid19. Our best hope would be in administering the vaccine as quickly as possible, to as many people as possible. Perhaps I would make experts on infectious diseases find out everything they can about the different variants of covid19 that are springing up, but I wouldn't close our borders. Air travel is considered a matter of national security, and my administration would not defer from that policy. Closing our airways to travel is pretty much the best method we could use to absolutely shutting down our economy. If separate strains of covid19 are worrisome enough to barr people from certain countries, then it will be done. But not an entire ban on all foreigners. Especially since the US is likely to be doing far worse than most of the country where the tourists are coming from. 

    I do respect the green new deal, but I would not want to impose any laws that hinder our economy. I would not cut all funds to fossil fuels until it is clear that the vast majority of our citizens can function in an economic capacity without fossil fuels. I would cut some funding to fossil fuel output and realocate it for research and implementing the use of renewables, but I wouldn't shut down our main sources of energy before there are reliable alternatives so not to make everybody fend for themselves without the energy they need. My hope would be to accelerate the efficiency of renewables and help to bring down the costs so the common citizen would have a better incentive to buy into renewables. I don't know all the parameters of the Paris accord, but I would consider it if it were beneficial to the continued existence of earths inhabitants. 

  • TreeManTreeMan 51 Pts   -  
    im just saying, but australia and new zealand did pretty well with covid, and right now in sydney(where i live) masks are mandatory in all indoor places, and theres only 2-3 cases a day, compared to a myriad of new confirmed cases in the US

    Masks are generally the most useful when you have covid, so it would be very effective in the US
  • @Dee
    Where is the outrage and condemnation from the Republican “hero’s” on here who wail and whine about leftists morning , noon , and night?

    As recognizing my inherent commitment to the republic for which the United States of America stands, I have ever only voiced a legal witness account objection as a public grievance by United State consitution and First Amendment to which U reply no sabe. Noh-Sah-Beh. Presenting evidence in freedom of speech, plus freedom of the press by the introduction of Binvir, unosmulier, and Presadera. Wondering question like do states in the constitutional union following Canadian court precedence qualify as a sign of legal prejudice? Really, the republic is dying to know, how does witnessing women as equal with all other women sexist when describing her as a Presadera? 
  • DeeDee 3307 Pts   -  

    No one has a clue what you’re saying I think you need medical help 
  • Plaffelvohfen

     Reliance is made by the states of the union in the sworn testimony of an incoming executive officer as it relates to witnessing tampering. Plus, ongoing events like female executive authority as it relates to United States Constitution. A crime must take place to be considered for a criminal charge, we agree sexual discrimination is a criminal charge, do we not agree that perjury is also a criminal charge, it is for the courts to rule without prejudice between the crimes. They need not share the principles of congress.

    At this point, one thing is clear the cost of women’s right to vote should not be held in the balance of the many united state constitutional failures. The true equality of women and men is self-evident in that area of fact.

    Again, we look for the more perfect union even when it means we must work through the pains of growing wiser.

  • Dee said:

    No one has a clue what you’re saying I think you need medical help 
    Are you sure because you just said I need medical help for a translator issue because you can't understand united states made in the boundaries of American Constitution? Again, tu no save. political deals that are acts of witness tampering or perjury are potential crimes. I'm right here, voicing the same grievance not only can't you prove any person ever elected America is instantly a President outside of hearsay, you somehow magically believe the Exsecutive officer Trump lied about everything but being genuine when declaring his republican standing. I on the other hand have the knowledge that all Americans are republicans and the Democratic party as a whole does not legally change the standing of truth as a legal united state. 

    Politics as usual...
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