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What evidence is there of voter fraud?

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Really what is there?

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  • Starlord616Starlord616 258 Pts   -  
    nothing. well nothing significant enough to need a recount 
  • TreeManTreeMan 51 Pts   -  
    there is voter fraud in every single election
    name a presidential election in any country, and there would be fraud in it
    both sides must have had people committing voter fraud
    however, it would not be significant enough to change the election
  • George_HorseGeorge_Horse 489 Pts   -  
    I heard some votes were thrown out, and that the dominion voting machines were hacked or something. 
    "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? " ~Epicurus

    "A communist is like a crocodile" ~Winston Churchill

    We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone.~Orson Welles
  • PlaffelvohfenPlaffelvohfen 2140 Pts   -  

    Hearsay is not evidence, the OP asked for evidence...
    " Adversus absurdum, contumaciter ac ridens! "
  • What kind of voter fraud?
  • AlofRIAlofRI 1219 Pts   -  
    The fraud here is fraudulent information spread on the internet and those who only believe what they WANT to believe. They'd rather believe those KNOWN LIARS, CONSPIRATOR THEORISTS, and FRAUDS than even Trump-appointed judges! 
  • smoothiesmoothie 414 Pts   -  
    If there was any plausible, real-world evidence of fraud that changed the election in a big way it would have already been laid out in a court of law. The amount of effort put into finding something like that and getting this far with no results from the Trump side shows there is a slim to none chance of this evidence existing.
    why so serious?
  • MichaelElpersMichaelElpers 660 Pts   -  
    *I've not checked the legitimacy of every claim*

    Here are some claims and statistical outliers.
    * Of the 19 identified bell weather counties that have predicted the last 10 election cycles Trump won 18 of them.
    * Of the contested house seats Republicans won a majority
    * Past elections have seen mail in ballot rejection rates around 4% during this election when there was universal balloting you'd expect it to be higher, it was 0.2%.
    * Voting machines are not allowed to be connected to the internet, die to hacking risk.  There were hidden WiFi routers found behind thermostats, and we were able to hack into one machine that was connected to the internet.
    * Voting machines had easy access ports, that would allow for uploading of viruses.  They shouldn't even have ports period.
    * There are over 1000 affidavits of people noticing unfair situations; if lying that would result in the accuser spending up to 15 years in prison. 
    *Affidavits accusations:
    * Ballots counted had serial numbers that were in order, this is statistically impossible
    *Ballots where the bubbles were consecutively filled in perfectly
    * Postmaster asking there employees to back date Ballots
    * Black republican poll watcher said they sent out Republican poll watchers while votes were being counted.  Kept her in because the thought she was a Democrat.
    * Camera footage of them pulling cases of ballots from under a desk after sending people out.
    *Covering windows preventing people from looking in.
    * During times when vote counting was supposedly stopped, Biden received dumps of votes.
    * There were places where votes for presidential candidate but not senate/house candidates were outside norms
    * New affidavit has come from Italy stating they have proof of voter switch.
    * States can only switch voter laws via electorate, some unconstitutionally circumvented this process.
  • We_are_accountableWe_are_accountable 890 Pts   -   edited January 12

    There is obvious evidence that election officials change the rules to allow mail in ballots to be flooded into cities even though they were not requested, as the law demands. The legislature in each State must change election laws, not the election officials who made these changes.

    There was not one judge who had the guts to take on this corruption and over throw an election. It would have been chaos and non stop riots to do so.
    Trump is trying to make sure this corruption never happens again for all future elections. People deserve to be able to trust our elections. If not, then it will be the corrupt Left with fraudulent elections that incites these riots, as they did this time.

    The other corruption came from our media. They all conspired to squelch any news story that might hurt Joe Biden. It was nauseating to watch these jokes asking Biden what flavor icecream he was eating rather than real qestions such as... have you ever talked to Tony Bobulinski? Do you know Tony Bobulinski? etc. etc.

    Questions that they would have bombarded Trump with at every chance. The corruption in our press will be the death of a nation.
  • anarchist100anarchist100 217 Pts   -   edited January 12
    I kind of expected better, like there was some big revealing fact that would blow this whole thing, but this is actually not bad, I guess there's only so much you get when you consider FOX news to be a independent, alternative news source to the lying, lying CNN people. I don't trust them.
  • @anarchist100

    Trust what you see. Trust with your eyes when Twitter, in bed with Democrats, censors the Washington Post stories about Biden's China scandal.

    Trust with your own eyes when facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Apple all come together to shut down Parler, which is a social media site that believes in free speech and does not single out the Left or Right to censor.

    Trust with your eyes when Twitter bans Trump account, but allows the Supreme leader of iran to have a Twitter account.

    Do you truly think I believe everything I hear on Fox news? I believe most of what they say because it goes along with what my eyes are seeing!

    Can you grasp what I am talking about? I believe what I know to be true, not what anyone else tells me.
  • @smoothie

     The amount of effort put into finding something like that and getting this far with no results from the Trump side shows there is a slim to none chance of this evidence existing.  I don't know about that, abortion has been circulating through the U.S. courts for 48 years yet no evaluation of loss of privacy found by the supreme court in relation to an admission of crime used in an illegal way has not been made a legal precedent outside the supreme court ruling? The point might be any fraud found will not help either Exsecutive Office candidate so importance is limited by what might be seen as an upper hand, not the common defense. Abortion / Female-specific amputation, President / Presadera, when there is more than one problem the idea of a grievance does not change in the location it is changed by the order the grievance is told then addressed.

    Would it be fair to say the voter is as addicted as the politician of today to the executive order? 
  • anarchist100anarchist100 217 Pts   -   edited January 13
    A lot of people on FOX news are saying that Biden is the president, have you heard of NEWSMAX? I always found them a little far right for my taste, but they believe there's been voter fraud.
  • @TreeMan

    Abortion is an illegal act of admission which violates American women's privacy, many American states disregard the Supreme Court rulings and still to this day follow a precedent set by a foreign Nation. That's is a possible 48 years voters have been involved in a form of fraud as perjury, though never prosecuted it does not mean the crime could not have been constitutionally addressed. It's a display of the ability of a democratic voter to be taken advantage of by states who have had a duty to these types of costs had not been placed on them.

    Free speech is not a filed grievance and the media tends to lie about its own actions as it prints many filed grievances publicly by openly disregarding the cost of those grievances and claims on others, it is a 1st Amendment right it is not free speech and free press instantly by just making that claim. The voter fraud mentioned is simply not tied to this one Presidential election. It has been over one hundred years since a Presadera has tried to become a President under constitutional witness, with no doubt many forms of legal prejudice had already been legally documented. The number of poorly regulated Democratic voters who struggle with their own crime of perjury by lack of basic understandings when voting is provable as high.  The expression is where there is smoke there is fire. 

    Just to point out both of these issues had constitutional fixes that could have been found if preservation had been a priority of women. The issue however is how change can better the connection of a constitutional union or not. As we the people elect a President and Vice Presadera of united state who have both participated in a fraud on the way to the Oval office.
  • jbvjbv 8 Pts   -   edited January 17
    The best material for any skeptics is Peter Navarro's 'Immaculate Deception' and two more publications. (All three).

    They fully analyzed and enumerated all the different kinds of election frauds. 

    It is really weird to see all the Courts "dismissing" almost all the cases on the grounds of latches(the time has run out) or standing (you are not entitled to arguing this case). 

    There are many lawyers who think the reason for the dismissals is that the justices were so fearful about their own life and limb.

    As I see it, the Capitol riot was unavoidable, for the Trumpers have had no opportunity whatsoever for their cases and evidence to get heard. Even the desperate last-ditch attempt by Ted Cruz that they should do a 10-day audit was also completely disregarded by the members in the House and Senate.

    As such, the members, in all actuality, have caused the riot by failing to allow themselves to investigate the allegations.

    As for the theses by Peter Navarro, they were drawn up and published by Peter Navarro himself, a Harvard graduate and Ph.D. in economics from his alma mater, who has been a close aide to Trump. His work can never be dealt with frivolously or lightly, given the thoroughness of the analysis therein. I strongly recommend you read them. 

    Only after that can you pass judgment about the veracity of election fraud allegations. Obviously, they urgently need a neutral and objective investigation by an ad-hoc committee. Otherwise at least 50% of Americans will never trust any future presidential election. 

    But both houses adamantly refused to do so. And then immediately came the shocking censorship and ostracization of anyone whose views align with those of Trump's.

    MSM (Mainstream Media) has been too partial, which is also very eccentric. The MSM behaves more like a communist dictatorial countries' official megaphone.

    It is very difficult to explain away this grotesque phenomenon. Hence the widespread conspiracy theories.

    I think the main reason for the rapid spread of conspiracy theories such as QAnon's is that the MSM has utterly failed in their most important duty to report facts, nothing but the facts, offer objective and balanced opinions, and strive for national unity. 

    These media's unified viewpoints are like those of revolutionary army for socialism or communism. This phenomenon is much too weird and suspicious. One theory has it that the media have been receiving astronomical sum of subsidies from the CCP since when they were struggling as a business.

    Unless and until the American media comes to their senses, America will never be able to shake off the specter of another Civil War. As of now, the American Democracy has become a laughing stock of all the whole world. It is failing miserably. 

    My suggestion is for America to abolish the current two-party Presidential System in favor of Parliamentarian one, which is adopted by almost all the other advanced nations. There is ample reason for this universal adoption.

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