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Trump was a good president.

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I believe he was.
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  • Round 1 | Position: For
    Debater123Debater123 272 Pts   -   edited January 12

    5 Reasons Why I Think he is a Good President

    Trump and the Economy

    Trump has undoubtedly set economic growth on fire, with rising stocks, GDP, and lowering employment, President Trump has undoubtedly stimulated a golden age of economic prosperity before the pandemic and created a ‘Goldilocks Economy’ according to many experts.

    Trump and the Pandemic

    Despite many individual Governors and Mayors(Such as Cuomo and De Blasio) completely messing up on Covid-19, Trump managed to save very many American lives through his actions, from putting attention to the virus in the early spring and putting down Travel Bans before the pandemic got more serious according to medical experts such as Dr. Fauci.

    Trump and Immagration

    Illegal immigration has been dropping under president trump Along with the percentage of long-term vs short-term illegal immigration residences.

    Trump and Nasa

    Trump has had a steady increase in the budget of NASA, increasing development in NASA and scientific research in that area.

    Trump and the Middle East

    With Trump making great strides in peace and coming out of the middle east I can safely say he absolutely shined here.
    Trump made 4 great peace deals between Israel and Sudan, Bahrain, the UAE, and Morocco.
    Not only that, he killed Sulamani, ended the bombing campaigns, and broke the 2015 Iranian Nuclear Agreement.
  • Round 1 | Position: Against
    AlofRIAlofRI 1219 Pts   -  
    When was that????????
  • Round 1 | Position: For
    I completely agree, but would add that Trump, if not for Covid coming along and destroying his re-election, should have gone down as the greatest President of our lifetime.

    He was the first President in my lifetime not beholden to big Corporate money and power. Corportions like those in Social media hated Trump because he could not be bought off. They gave hundreds of millions to Democrat elections.

    Both Democrats and Republicans hated him before he was elected. This says it all! He was his own man not bought and paid for!
    After getting elected, he gave the GOP a spine to fight all the biased press and Government corruption.

    Trump took out ISIS strong holds his first year when Obama said it coud not be done.
    He lowered middle class taxes!
    He lowered corporate tax rates to spur jobs comng back to America and creating an all time record economy and record low unemployment.
    He built a wall when Democrats said it could not be done. He cares more for American jobs than illegal immigrant votes. No other President was willing to take on the fight.
    He made America energy independent which allowed us to get out of middle East wars. He is bringing our Troops home!
    Our energy independence created very affordable gasoline helping so many Americans. Very affordable natural gas thanks to his policies!
    He took on China when no other president would. He was not bought off by corporations doing business in China. He cared about unfair trade practices.
    He ended job killing regulations!
    He protected Americans from funding Planned Parenthood's abortion trade, when no other President was willing to do so. RINO's were all talk and never accomplished anything.
    He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for helping to bring nations together, and being the first President since Carter not to get us in a war!
    He got Europe and our NATO allies to pay their fair share for our military protection! Why did no other President have the strength to do so?
    He ended the hideous Obamacare mandate that forced Americans to buy insurance, or be fined. even though the premiums and deductibles were unaffordable for middle class families.
    He stopped the forcing of American tax payers to fund abortions overseas!
    HE TOOK ON THE LEFTWING BIASED MEDIA WHEN NO OTHER PRESIDENT HAD THE GUTS TO DO SO. He was not consumed with fear from these arrogant pro Democrat News outlets.

    Trump had the guts, the strength and the work ethic to accomplish so many things and the very reason the Left hated him. They knew he was the real deal.

    It was sickening how Democrats made this Covid pandemic a political crusade to defeat Trump. They changed our mail in ballot laws, without Legislature approval.
    The media buried every story that might have hurt Biden. It was a media coup against our President.

    This riot was incited by the Left as a result of the coup from our media, and the mail in ballot corruption. Democrats incited all the riots through out the summer, and never a peep from fake news. You see, Democrats always have excuses why their race bating riots were ok. It mattered not how many people died or had their businesses burned to the ground. These were political correct riots whereby mob rule was justified. Tear down Mount Rushmore was their chant, but no talk of insurrection from our biased media.

    This is what creates outrage from 70 million Americans, but you will never hear word one from fake news to why this riot happened. They must blame it all on Trump as they have done his entire term.

    I also hated Trump's ego and lack of humility. His non Presidential personality helped cost him this election. This is the only blighton his Presidency. He lacked the political skills to speak to moderates who could not get past his brash ways. Over 70 million people looked past his rough exterior because we saw what he accomplished. We wanted more!

    Now we are back to corrupt politicians bought off by Rich Corporations. Now we are seeing what censorship truly looks like from the Left. They have all the power and showing you their true colors. You elected them and I hope you get to taste the loss of freedoms you supported.
  • Round 1 | Position: Against
    TreeManTreeMan 51 Pts   -  
    Trump didn’t pay taxes
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