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Biden said he would open schools in his first 100 days. Now he's once agan flip flopping!

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Now Biden is saying that one day a week is considered schools being open. Are you kidding me? This guy is totally controlled by the Teacher's union. Our children and parent's well being is the last thing on his mind.

Do these authoritarian Democrats understand that private schools have been open and having few problems with Covid? Yes, they know this, but the facts and science has nothing to do with their decisions. They are in bed with their identity groups and Teacher's unions. It's always payback for campaign support.

Did Biden care about the thousands of families thrown out of work when he shut down the Keystone Pipeline his first six days in office? No, payback to activist environmentalist groups!
Did Biden care about forcing all Americans to pay for abortions in other nations in his first month in office? No, payback to radical pro abortion groups!
Did Biden care about our daughter's scholarships and self esteem in public schools when trying to force EVERY public school to allow boys in their sports programs? No, payback to LGBT activist groups!
Did Biden care about American workers and families when once again allowing illegal immigrants to flood into our nation? No, payback to the Democrat Party's MAWSA (Make America Welfare State Again) agenda!
Did Biden care about Americans when opening our borders to possible Muslim extremists again? Remember ISIS? Remember what they were doing when Obama and Biden were in charge?
Does Biden care about your fuel bills when banning natural gas drilling on Federal lands? We get 20% of our natural gas from public land! What do you think that will do to your fuel bills?
Does Biden care about the cost of gasoline with his war on fossil fuels? No, he cares about big money from Environmental groups.
Did Biden care about our citizens when stopping the border wall and killing all those jobs?

Biden only cares for his extreme Leftwing Party and their base! What has Biden actually done to help all Americans since he's been in office? His record number of Leftwing executive orders shows his true colors! He has become the greatest divider in our history. This from a guy who always petended to be a moderate.

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