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Most Martial Arts are useless when it comes to self defense

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Firstly, I would just like to clarify that there are three forms of Martial Combat:
  • Martial Sport
  • Martial Defense (AKA self Defense)
  • Martial Art (Not exactly combat)

However, when we talk of Martial arts we're generally referring to all three of these things. I myself have practiced all three of these. I love Judo which is a martial sport although I haven't trained in a while partly due to this lockdown and having a blood clot some time back. Anyway, I am also going to use the term "martial art" to refer to all things for simplicity.

Now, while there is a load of awesome techniques in lots of martial arts technique alone is not enough for self-protection. There is a big difference between training in a friendly environment versus being in a situation where someone is determined to beat the living cr***p out of you.

There are, however, some forms of unarmed combat that come pretty close to personal protection. Ranked from most to least they are:
  1. Special forces unarmed combat
  2. Constant street fighting or bare knuckling fighting (AKA Pugislims)
  3. MMA (providing you actually get into a ring with someone that is really vicious regularly.)
  4. Muay Thai (Prefferebly training in Thailand)
  5. Boxing
  6. Krav Maga
The above is designed to test you under pressure. The more you're able to practice under pressure the better you will be able to perform under pressure.

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  • Why Martial Arts?
    I do not understand your witness account that combat is a Martial Art.
    Fighting is fighting it can mimic art but is not art, is it?
  • John_C_87 said:
    Why Martial Arts?
    I do not understand your witness account that combat is a Martial Art.
    Fighting is fighting it can mimic art but is not art, is it?

    Martial Art is art when Tory and Uki are able to operate in sync with one another.

  • @ZeusAres42
    Good to know. ...Ever hear of anything just called extreme extreme.
  • John_C_87 said:
    Good to know. ...Ever hear of anything just called extreme extreme.

    I have not heard of that. In fact, that just sounds like saying "Have you ever heard of something such as very extreme?" and thus reflecting a lack of brevity.

  • Where does the idea of self-defense in a form of exorcises come from?
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3702 Pts   -  
    I can say that my boxing training helped me get out of many sticky situations in high school (I happened to be in a pretty bad school, in an absolutely awful class full of little bandits and drug addicts) and deal once and for all with a group of bullies who had harassed me for many years. I am also fairly confident in my ability to defend myself from random adult thugs, unarmed or with cold weapons.

    My boxing training would not help me much in a situation where someone is threatening me with a loaded gun, obviously. But it would help me keep cool and deal with the situation appropriately, in a way that avoids escalation and lets me walk away in one piece. Or to take an opportunity when one arises and try to deal with the opponent.
    Most armed robbers, for example, expect their victims to passively give them everything they want and not resist. Acting in a way that runs counter to their expectations may set them running, and if you keep cool mentally and observe the situation carefully, then you have a chance of spotting when this is the case.

    I have only been robbed once, and there were too many guys for me to deal with. I tried defending myself and even managed to score a hit in some guy's face, but I cannot do much against 10-12 muscular adult men (I was 17 at the time). I stayed cool enough, however, was not scared at all and was trying my best to get out with as little damage as possible.

    Nowadays though I am much more of a fighter. I would probably just fight until either the opponent relents, or I get disabled. There is some primal part in me that is set off whenever someone tries to stomp on my basic rights and make me their servant, and I become a truly vicious animal when it happens. A robber with a gun better be ready to shoot me in the head, as he might not get another chance to do this ever in his life otherwise!
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