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Will Russia be a better place after the current Presidency?

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Will Russia be a better place after the current Presidency?

I am not entirely sure about this. Or perhaps it's just a misconception that Russia isn't such a good place under the current Presidency. I personally don't really see any such issue with the Russian people, however. In fact, some of the Russian people I have met are the most respectful, civil, and nicest people that I have come across. It is for this reason that I feel like that Russia isn't that bad, and there is hope for the nation after all.

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4800 Pts   -  
    I would caution about making generalizations about Russian people based on the immigrants you have met in the UK and otherwise: they are not the same. I keep being told the same by the Chinese: the Chinese who I meet in the US, Japan and elsewhere are all respectful, civil and polite - yet they themselves have often told me that "Chinese are not nice people". People who move outside their original country tend to not be a very good representation of those who stay there.

    In my personal experience, Russia is a rugged and tough country, with people who generally are not friendly at all, but can gradually warm up to each other as they get to know each other better. They are fairly hostile towards strangers by Western standards, and while they will generally help a stranger in need, they will not try to be nice towards them. There is something in the culture about distrusting those who one does not know well, and I have never figured out where it fundamentally comes from. My suspicion is that Russian have lived under harsh feudalism for so long, only to be followed by an even worse communist rule, that they simply have not had a chance to develop a thriving culture of interpersonal interaction.

    In terms of quality of life, Russia, much like China, is gradually getting somewhere - but increasingly authoritarian measures of the government are slowing this growth down. Now, I personally left it mostly due to incompatibility with its culture, and the material reasons were secondary, at best - but it needs to be stated straight: Russia is very poor by the standards of the developed world. In Moscow or Saint-Petersburg, with a good profession, you can make a decent leaving - but with the same profession, in Europe or the US you can live far better.

    As for the title question, it obviously depends on what the current presidency is replaced with. There are some really nasty people among Putin's political allies and friends, and many of them make Putin look like a soft moderate liberal in comparison. But there is also a significant mass of people who are sick of the staleness of the system and want a change. Few of them want democracy, really, but some do. Most of all, they want some change, any change, just to break up the monotony of the system.

    I do not believe that political changes alone can change a country significantly, so I am skeptical that things after Putin will get much better in Russia. I am far more optimistic about China and even India, who both show positive long-term trends in their cultures, despite absolutely awful governmental trends. In Russia, I just do not see any reason for optimism - although, admittedly, increasingly globalized world has reached it as well, and people are changing, slowly but surely.
    I have not interacted much with Russians after leaving the country, but people I do know from there are assuring me that culturally things are changing noticeably for the better. This could be a wishful thinking though, or a product of them having immersed themselves in an echo-chamber and refusing to see the harsh reality of the overall trends. It is hard to comment on this with certainty.

    Russia has a very bad culture of bowing before the authority, any authority. China, say, is different, in that people do not bow as much before the authority itself, as before the principles it outlines - so there, at least, is some deeper reasoning behind their support of the government. In Russia, it is just mostly a Darwinist approach: "Whoever rules us deserves to rule us by the nature of them ruling us and defeating their competitors". That is a truly bad place to start at.

    But it also has a thriving intellectual culture. Russian intellectuals mostly have pretty bad ideas, but they are willing to engage each other in deep debates and are not afraid of discussing controversial topics - perhaps, more open to doing so than even Americans or the British. If one is to place their hope into anything, this might be the place.

    Finally, let us be objective: Russia today is a much better place to live in than it has ever been, and freer than it has been before 1990. With all its flaws, it is developing, thanks to all the technology and globalization, and in a few decades it, probably, will be a pretty nice place to live in, regardless of what the government is going to be like then. Then, again, the developed world will probably still significantly outpace Russia, as it also is developing, and doing so faster due to more reasonable political systems and social cultures.

    In short, as always: it is complicated. :)
  • TreeManTreeMan 329 Pts   -  
    Lenin was better than Putin
    Putin knows that if the people knew everything, they would definetley vote for navalny
    sorry i cant spell
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