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Isochronic, Binaural, hemisync, Reiki, Rife, and sine waves.

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Can someone explain to me what are Sine and Rife waves and how they differ from the rest?. I have been following the practice of certain vibrations under the output of technology or the elements producing it. I have been wondering why this practice is not more reaearched for medical cures for certain treatments.
     imo opinion the vibrations of certain sounds can resync the human body back to a healthy state by producing the correct vibration needed to function well. Since everything around us vibrates and can change, stimulating them with the frequency they vibrate in can possibly correct the damage needing repair in some cells like cancer. It is far fetched but other than the many more topics about this to talk about, i was just wondering what everyones opinions are on this matter?

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  • Happy_KillbotHappy_Killbot 4994 Pts   -  
    @bjinthirty ;

    Cancer, is effectively when a cell has lost the ability to die, and become immortal. Every cell in the human body has a pre-programed death process that kills damaged, diseased, and degenerate cells. Your body does this in order to keep you healthy, sacrificing immiscible parts for the whole of the body. Cancer on the other hand, has lost this pre-programed death sequence, and thus it replicates without warrant until it becomes a tumor, sucking up more and more resources from the body, until it displaces other cells and leads to their death, eventually killing the host.

    To think that "waves" or "vibrations" can magically cure cancer is on par with thinking that waving spice and burning incense will cure an infection. They might make you feel good and help you calm down, but they will not help in any meaningful way because of what the reality is.
    At some point in the distant past, the universe went through a phase of cosmic inflation,
    Stars formed, planets coalesced, and on at least one of them life took root.
    Through a long process of evolution this life 
    developed into the human race.
    Humans conquered fire, built complex societies and advanced technology .

    All of that so we can argue about nothing.
  • janesixjanesix 109 Pts   -  

    It really is something that needs to be researched.
  • bjinthirtybjinthirty 78 Pts   -  
    @bjinthirty ;

    “but they will not help in any meaningful way because of what the reality is.”

    You mean the reality we live in where science finds new renovations, changes, and findings?. The same reality where people laughed to the person who said the world was flat?. Oh that reality, that explains why. You mentioned cancer cells losing the preprogrammed death sequence. Well what my post is implying is that frequency can reverse this sequence back to original form or atleast keep it in life support for the lifespan of the person until a better research is done. Even our cells vibrate at a frequency, cancer cells do not vibrate at the correct frequency but with vibrations it might be possible to switch the frequency. Even water vibrates and when it does in a healthy manner it turns into beautiful snowflakes but when it doesnt (like purified water does) it looks like cancerous snowflakes. However when you switch the vibrations of water you can see a change in its form back to a healthy snowflake.

    yes it should be more researched. As a matter of fact I believe it is the future of medical science and if i were u guys i would start studying it.
  • DeeDee 4051 Pts   -   edited March 26
     Since everything around us vibrates and can change, stimulating them with the frequency they vibrate in can possibly correct the damage needing repair in some cells like cancer

    Here’s another little known fact .......shhhhh keep it to yourself 

  • xlJ_dolphin_473xlJ_dolphin_473 1472 Pts   -   edited March 26
    Here's how it works. As cells age, they become less fit for purpose, and will eventually die automatically when they are no longer useful. When a cell dies, it will send a message to the cell next to it, telling it to divide, making a new cell. Cancer is when a cell starts to divide over and over again without receiving these signals, eventually creating a clump of cells called a tumour. The body has cells designed to kill cancerous cells, but sometimes these specialised killer cells fail. When the body gives a blood supply to the tumour, the killer cells can no longer do their job. This is dangerous and likely to kill people if they don't get treatment.

    Now please explain to me where sonic waves come into all this. The only thing I can find is a paper on the potential use of sine waves in electrochemotherapy. This whole 'balance' and 'vibrations' thing sounds a lot like the Law of Attraction, a theory which destroys mental health by telling people that all negative experiences in their life are their fault. Please explain.
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