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Trump’s Syria Strike Sends Russia a Signal - Sparking a Dangerous U.S.-Russia Clash?

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Trump’s Syria Strike Sends Russia a Signal 

First direct U.S. strike on Assad regime has altered the dynamic between U.S. and Russia

WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump’s quick-fire decision to strike a Syrian regime air base sent a shot across Russia’s bow, signaling that his administration is more willing to use force than its predecessor, even if it means riling the Kremlin and its allies.

For months, officials in the Trump administration have been saying the U.S. must approach Russia from a position of strength, before improving relations with Moscow. When deciding how to respond to this week’s chemical-weapons attack, which the U.S. military blamed...
Syria Strike: Sparking a Dangerous U.S.-Russia Clash?
A U.S. missile attack on a Syrian airbase Thursday night escalated tensions between the U.S. and Russia. How bad is the fallout? 
  1. Live Poll

    Trump’s Syria Strike Sends Russia a Signal - Sparking a Dangerous U.S.-Russia Clash?

    4 votes
    1. Yes - Dangerous clash between Russia and USA
    2. No - it is a staged game between Trump and Putin
WhyTrump - a good question

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  • WhyTrumpWhyTrump 234 Pts   -  
    All staged, for Trump to distract everyone from his Putin connection.
    see related debate

    If you buy into Trump is Putin's puppet conspiracy theory, how does Syrian conflict fit in?

    WhyTrump - a good question
  • agsragsr 881 Pts   -  
    Just like Trump operates across partisan lines in the White House, same applies internationally. He will partner with Russia on issues that make sense for the US, and will confront them on issues such as Russia Syria support for Assad.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • uhohstinkyyuhohstinkyy 29 Pts   -  
    ball sex
  • AlofRIAlofRI 1483 Pts   -  
    @WhyTrump ;

    Nicely ……….. for Putin. :rage:
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