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Can 0 Carbon emmisions be achieved?

Debate Information

In the world we live in we lack the technology to achieve 0 cabon emissions.

Democrates claim it is is achievable and do everything they can to block the USA's ability to not produce our own source of carbon fuels. Which will leaves us reliant on foreign sources for the carbon fuels that will still be needed.

Some environmentalist claim it is achievable while through bioenergy plants and biofuels which erode our plant of it's natural reasources and are not as easily replaced. These sources cause far more damage to the planet.

Corporations claim they will achieve 0 carbon emissions while the maufacturing of the equipment and the materials they use creates carbon emissions.

Vehicle manufactures claim electric cars are carbon emmision free.  While in the production of the vehicles ithey require carbon fuels to build them.

Solar and wind which are questionable in their ability to deliver a constant flow of power also depend on carbon fuels to produce.  There are also some environmental damages they create.

So if they start placing a penalty tax on the use of carbon fuels will it not increase the cost of all of these supposed renewable carbon free alternative.  

So what is the answer?

Persuade me that I am wrong.

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  • AlofRIAlofRI 1361 Pts   -  
    I agree. But that's a really ignorant way of looking at the problem. Carbon emissions MUST BE REDUCED DRASTICALLY or we all die! (And that's not JUST RHETORIC)!
  • anarchist100anarchist100 447 Pts   -  
    To my understanding just by breathing we create carbon, the plants breath it in to make oxygen, carbon ain't bad, it all comes down to the right balance.
  • AlofRIAlofRI 1361 Pts   -  
    To my understanding just by breathing we create carbon, the plants breath it in to make oxygen, carbon ain't bad, it all comes down to the right balance.
    Exactly! Problem is, we are WAY out of balance! We HAVE to recognize that and many people WON'T!
  • all4acttall4actt 220 Pts   -  
    @anarchist100 @AlofRI

    So we agree 0 emmisions is nothing more than rhetoric.

    I am not against reducing carbon emmissions but what I am trying to figure out is if the trade off right now, with technology how it stands, is really an improvement and worth the investments. 

    I also know that with some of the technologies we are harming our environment in ways that are not as sustainable as they claim and will cause the same or worse environmental problems.

    So which is the friendliest to our environment?

    Bill Gates is putting his bets on nuclear.  Is that the answer?

    There is so much to go through and difficult to find any reports or studies on the negative environmental impacts.  I thought maybe someone would have the answers here.
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