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Do You Love Espresso Coffee More Than the Regular?

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Hi Everyone!

Although I love to drink tea and regular coffee but honestly, I like espresso coffee more than these beverages. Even many of my colleagues love to have espresso coffee on high workload days. Probably the presence of a high amount of caffeine could be a reason for it. Indeed, I am not here going to discuss the disadvantages of caffeine here. For me, the main reason to prefer Espresso Coffee over the regular is its taste and smell. By the way, what is your reason to prefer espresso over regular coffee?

On the contrary, if I talk about espresso's health benefits, it also has a strong position here. Indeed, it is good for the heart doesn't because it doesn't enhance your weight and reduces the risk of diabetes. However, I noticed it is hard to make perfectly at home. I know about several espresso coffee makers etc., but I think we should know the trick to make it home. It would be great if any of you share your DIY idea to make espresso coffee at home. I also found a survey of the National Coffee Association in the US here which says that more than 70% of American prefer to make their coffee at home, and no doubt, I also love to make coffee at home. But I am not sure which DIY coffee making idea and espresso coffee beans from here would be the perfect choice for it. In this regard, I have tried Gavina Old Havana Espresso, but I think the manufacturer should make it more strong. 

What do you think about the best espresso coffee bean? It should be dark, semi-dark, more roasted or what. 

Let's discuss!

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