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Do Theists Have Lower IQs?

Debate Information

The Real Reason Atheists Have Higher IQs

 Son, I see by your report card here that you are the absolute bottom of the class once again. What the heck anyway, that is no real indicator of your intelligence and there are flaws in the system so don't worry. What's on at school tomorrow?

Son: Aw weow Dad, wear gonna disgust Hairy Potta in English clarse.

Father: I don't think so, I will write a note excusing you from class. What other subjects do you have?

Son: Oh yeah weow wear gonna do science clarse and learn about Ever lootion and biol........

Father: .......Not going to happen. I'll write another note excusing you from that class as well. 

Son: I fink I will go wotch the TV now. There's a dok....doc...documenatry by Neal Grassy Tyson and then there's Family Guy.

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