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The Truth About Religion

Debate Information

The debate over religion has always been contentious, which is understandable since there is always one side in particular that will not look at the facts and what is logical and reasonable. Following are a few reasoned, logical facts that we should consider:

Unless you have been living on another planet for the past 100 years you would know that any notion of life having been created has been completely been kiboshed owing to the irrefutable and overwhelming evidence that life evolved through natural selection.

Nobody can prove God doesn't exist:
A completely absurd proposition to infer that this gives even an ounce of viability or credibility to the existence of God.

We don't yet have the technology to prove God:
Probably the most hollow and deceptive delaying tactic used by theists and will, of course, be used forever and a day. We can assume however that since theists know we don't yet have the technology, they must know what technology is required and are frantically working hard to develop it.

You have to believe/have faith:
The good old warm and fuzzy, we're special and you don't understand excuse. Belief and faith do not make god exist and are merely euphemisms for delusion.

We have always believed in God so there must be some truth in it:
"We" haven't always believed such nonsense; only the superstitious, naive and gullible have ever fallen for the fallacy. Others who say they believe, use religion as a tool to gain power and influence others.

It doesn't hurt to believe just in case God is real:
I'm sure that if there is a God that is all-powerful, omnipotent and knowing, he would see straight through that sort of false front.

Something must have given us a soul and consciousness:
There are no such things as souls or consciousnesses except as metaphors to describe certain characteristics of brain functions.

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