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Our Biggest Preoccupation

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Some studies have shown that in many cases the biggest preoccupation with many people is their occupation, their day to day work.

But apart from your career, what sort of thing are you most preoccupied with?

For some, it may be raising a family, for others, It may be a sport or a hobby. 

But let's spare a thought for many around the world whose one preoccupation in life is being tied down as a slave to serving a brutal master. Remarkably these "slaves" have never seen or heard their master, relying on word-of-mouth utterances by henchmen. They are made to enter into a sadomasochistic relationship whereby they love their master and fear him at the same time.

These slaves are made to pay a portion of their hard-earned money to the henchmen who in turn intimidate the slaves with threats of eternal punishment and separation from their families for not doing as they are told.

What's more many of the henchman of this invisible master are continually pressuring these slaves into the morbid idea that the end of the world is near and all that matters is serving the master since anything else they do for society is fruitless anyway.

It's hard to believe, isn't it?

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