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How much of the universe will god suffer losing to Satan?

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How much of the universe will god suffer losing to Satan?

Religions posit that in the beginning, there was only a good god. Yin without Yang.

Religions also posit that god created a hell for his loses, in terms of souls.

God calls many but few hear his call, as many wise men have noted. Not that the wise believe in the supernatural. We do not.

Imagine if you will, that the Yahweh Jesus twins had to report for a report card from a better god. Yahweh the horrible, would have to admit to genocide and infanticide and accepting bribes to change his justice. Jesus, although more likable, will also have to admit to that same crime.

The count is on, as you can see, and the twins are losing big time. All a part of god’s plan, I guess.

Gnostic Jesus saves all. He has a universalist policy that is tied to the righteousness of god.

The Christian Jesus is the same as his genocidal father. He has to whine that he could only save a few.

He said he came to cure, but scriptures have him also killing instead of curing.

Just like his vile father. A shame that, as some like Jesus, although most do not like him enough to live as he did.

Satan is though to have lost round one in heaven, but I see Yahweh as the loser as he lost a third of the host.

Round two is all Satan’s, as shown by the religious who mostly follow fascist thinking.

God is said to have the Gold Medal for all things, but he is sure a loser when it comes to making good souls.

I am pleased that the Gnostic God makes all souls good. He is not the loser Yahweh is.

Do you hope Jesus wins Armageddon, given that he and his twin Yahweh are such immoral gods?



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