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Pornography and Religion

Debate Information

Mother: Son, this morning I cleaned your room and found a pornographic book under your mattress.

Son: (Uh oh!)

Mother: After all the trouble we went to, bringing you up to be honest and decent and you bring home such utter garbage. I flicked through it, and it was full of the most gratuitously sexually explicit, degrading, violent, sexist content ever imaginable. Where did you get such tripe from?

Son: Well, I was at the mall and this strange man dressed in weird clothes gave it to me. And he said that he could take me to a special place where I can find out more about that stuff, but I thought better and just came home.

Mother: I'm certainly glad you had the presence of mind not to accompany that despicable man. As for the Bible though, your father tore it up and threw it in the furnace. 

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  • TreeManTreeMan 190 Pts   -  
    ? What is this debate about?
  • SwolliwSwolliw 807 Pts   -   edited May 1
    ? What is this debate about?

    Um, at a good guess, I think you will find that it's about Pornography and Religion.....let me just check on that though......

    Ah, yes, I checked the topic title, and it does in fact read what I guessed. It says, "Pornography and Religion" so it is safe to say that is what in fact the debate is about if I'm not mistaken.

    Furthermore, if one were to read the dialogue, one will get clues as to the direction and expansion of the topic. For example, the writer hints at the remote possibility that there may be a heck of a lot of pornographic content in the Bible. And, dare I say, I think that the writer is going out on a limb by suggesting that such lewd literature should not be in the possession of young children.

    That's my educated guess anyway, however this is a forum whereby we share ideas whether or not we agree.

    What's your thoughts anyway?

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