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Are Christians Really Victims?

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Christ certainly left his mark on the world in being responsible for what became the most widespread religion in the world. For centuries, those who were of a naive and gullible disposition would flock like sheep to be brainwashed with "the word". 

Over time, of course we have seen many revivalists, charlatans, like Christ, who claimed to be the son of God and starting their own following. None have really gotten off the ground with the exceptions of say, Charles Taze Russel (who continues to "Tazer" his followers :)) and L. Ron Hubbard who, to his credit, put a more modern and probably more realistic spin on spirituality. 

Without exception and, to varying degrees, each charismatic leader's followings have done much more harm than good to society. Take Jim Jones for example. He was known to con many women in his cult to rip their clothes off for him. Now, it would be interesting to see if Jones could have been successfully tried for rape, given that his "victims" submitted to demands. Even though the followers were impressionable and simple, Jones must have some sort of accountability in that he preyed on and groomed his disciples.

Can we apply the same to the currently widespread Christian faith and describe the followers as being "victims"?

And, while we're at it, let's go right to the top and take a more modern look at the events that preceded the birth of Christ. As the story goes, Mary was a virgin and betrothed to Joseph. Now, she was asked twice to "keep her calves apart" for the Almighty and twice, she declined the offer. On the third occasion, she relented but only because she was informed that it was the Boss from above who was going to do the deed and that she would suffer dire consequences otherwise. Nowadays of course, God would have been put in the slammer for twenty years and women's rights activists would be pillaring Him as an example of male chauvinistic piggery forever and a day.

So, was Mary also a victim?

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