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Middle East Tensions

Debate Information

Mother: How was school today son?

Son: Aw well, I was coming home from school, and they were at it again. The Jewish, Christian, and Muslim kids were having dirt fights. I'm not even one of them, thank God :) but I still got caught in the crossfire. Look, I copped a great lump of dirt behind my ear.

Mother: Yes, isn't that typical. Those people have been at each other's throats for centuries, trying to prove who has the best imaginary friend. Where did this dirt fight take place anyway?

Son: Aw well, it was in that empty lot that was bulldozed around the corner.

Mother: Ah yes, that's where the old Synagogue was burned down. I hear that a Company that builds industrial ovens is going to erect a new factory there.

Son: Yeah. Anyway, all the Jewish kids were jumping up and down on the spot then for some reason they all started running in the same direction and then.........

Mother: ........I think we will leave that latest piece of information for later on. This skit is already a bit on the nose.

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