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We have state borders and city limits. Should we be allowed to cross those lines?

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Truly..  I do not want FOREIGN city dwellers to cross over into my city..  They bring disease, bad morals and I really don't like their color..

Why aren't my city limits the same as the country's border?


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  • 778899778899 3 Pts   -  
    It would be too expensive to do in practice, and the problems do not necessary go away if you just lock them out of the city. And I believe that every person is a ressource, if we just treat them the right way, so why not just learn to cooperate with them and get better results. There is always something do disagree about, but there is also always something to agree about, and I am here thinking about different morals, there is no such thing as good or bad morals, good or bad is very subjective and differ from culture to culture. Why not just find the common goals and work togehter to get them, instead of finding the goals that you disagree about. You will experience that things go a lot faster, when it is done togehter.
    I get that diseases can be a problem, but it will come soner or later whether you like it or not, and it can sometimes be a good thing, if you get sick because that can give you immunity for diseases like that in the future, because then your body knows what to do about a disease like that.

    Hope it makes sence :-)
  • exconexcon 95 Pts   -   edited May 1
    778899 said:
    Hope it makes sence :-)

    Hello 7:

    You made a LOTTA sense.

  • AlofRIAlofRI 1390 Pts   -  
    I believe in the UNITED States of America. Too many individual state's rights would destroy the unity of the country. We saw what happens during this pandemic. States rivaling each other for medical equipment ... with the richest ones winning. But then, we were on our way to authoritarianism at that time. We need a strong federal government to prevent the abuse of smaller or less sparsely populated states. Can you see our northern states each having their own rules regarding Canada? Or different rules from Texas, Arizona, or California regarding Mexico? Maybe a license or passport to go between New York or N.J.? 

    State rights are necessary, but, they should add to unity, not divide the country (or countries). 
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